10 Instagram profiles for those who love to cook

10 Instagram profiles for those who love to cook

Food lovers know well: following food profiles on Instagram can almost become an addiction. But it’s one of those cool habits because it can help when creativity is low or when you want to try different foods. Celebrity profiles or companies that talk about gastronomy are a great source of recipe advice and for discovering new dishes – from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

If you’re entering the world of culinary profiles or want to learn more about it, this list is perfect. We have identified 10 profiles that are good in gastronomy, from those who prepare recipes with ingredients that you have at home, to the most sophisticated, who have more knowledge than just cooking.

Among the profiles we share are both experts in the field who have already become celebrities (with millions of followers on the social network) and more amateur profiles (even so they are quite popular on Instagram). Some focus on one type of food or recipes such as wholesome and wholesome meals, while others have a bit of everything. Curious? Just checking!

10 Instagram profiles for those who love to cook

Be prepared to be salivating because the pictures on these profiles are amazing! Take a look at the list and subscribe to the ones that interest you the most:

10 – Good gourmet – 71.1 thousand subscribers

Bom Gourmet is a special place in the culinary section of the Gazeta do Povo newspaper in ParanĂ¡. The profile reflects the diversity of the site, which talks about the most different types of gastronomy, with recipes, curiosities and the sector’s business area. The Instagram profile has cooking tips for various foods and ingredients, step-by-step recipes, and even very curious things like the use of beeswax cloth and the origin of sake. This information is combined with many interesting recipes!

9 – Patricia Goes – 171 thousand subscribers

At @culinaria_lowcarb, Professor Patricia Goes shares recipes and tips for low carb, which is a type of diet that limits or completely eliminates carbohydrate intake. The profile owner is from Minas Gerais but lives in Chile. He has already published a book and is attending courses in the field, as well as running a YouTube channel where he teaches several recipes. On Instagram, where he has over 130,000 followers, he shares some mouth-watering photos. It also contains some explanations about low carb cooking and the various ingredients used in the preparation.

8 – Minute recipes – 216 thousand subscribers

As the name suggests, this profile focuses on quick and practical recipes, especially for those who don’t like spending hours in the kitchen. The preparations are very varied, from special sweets to beirut – using several other types of recipes. Guy Sousa is in charge of the YouTube profile and channel, which says the meals are economical to “make you get off the couch and go to the kitchen.” On Instagram, where she has over 200,000 followers, she shares some beautiful photos that make you want to replicate.

7 – Food Network Brazil – 253 thousand subscribers

This is the official profile of the Food Network channel in Brazil with detailed recipes and practical cooking tips. The blanks published in the profile are mouth-watering and can be very helpful when you are at a loss to choose the recipe of the day. There are some more great tips posted, from the best way to decorate a cupcake to a very useful size chart for everyday life. They are sweet and savory, and they make a great addition to your kitchen!

6 – Brazilian cuisine – 309 thousand subscribers

The profile has a variety of types of dishes, from sweets to barbecue. The recipes are very practical and with super affordable ingredients. The profile teaches several dishes, including many using typical Brazilian foods. Various recipes and special tips accompany more than 300 thousand profile subscribers. And it even has step-by-step instructions for making drinks! It’s worth checking out.

5 – Kitchen at home – 382 thousand subscribers

The profile focuses on homemade recipes, but very varied! There are several sweets, snacks and ready meals prepared by profile hostess Luciana Mirihad. The YouTube channel associated with the profile has over 6 million subscribers. There are several practical and very affordable recipes that are easy to make at home.

4 – Father’s income – 1.3 million.

Diego Assalve’s profile is perfect for a variety of moments: special dinners, quick recipes, sweets, snacks, gourmet meals and simple preparations with few ingredients. There are many recipes available to thousands of subscribers, not to mention YouTube which has over 8 million subscribers. The profile is still full of practical and didactic advice that will help in case of doubt and inspire! Worth checking out and following the profile if you like the recipes available.

3. Tastemade Brasil – 3.6 million followers.

Tastemade is one of the biggest cooking channels in Brazil that offers practical and sophisticated recipes, very helpful tips and other content such as reality shows and gastronomy programs. In Instagram, cooking is quite diverse: there are sweet, salty, full meals and snacks. Because it’s a foreign culinary content network, the company still offers content from other countries, as well as very curious classics like the kitchenette (which is nice to look at). There are also funny pictures and a touch of humor in gastronomy.

2. Paola Carosella – 5.1 million followers.

Paola Florencia Carosella is a chef, businesswoman, writer and YouTuber. She was also a judge of the MasterChef program, where she gained even greater fame in the gastronomic field. Born in Argentina, of Italian descent, Paola was a naturalized Brazilian. She owns a restaurant and cafe and has over 4 million followers on Instagram, where she shares recipes and special tips, among other content. A true culinary personality!

1 – Too tasty – 4.8 million followers

Tasty Demais is one of Brazil’s biggest culinary profiles, and it’s no surprise! There are thousands of published recipes, a wide variety. It’s full of practical tips, gourmet meals and plenty of cooking options for a wide variety of events. The videos posted on Instagram (the most popular ones on this list) are very explanatory and have all the step by step recipes so just dive into posting!


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