44th Fest Malhas in Hakutinga starts next Thursday (16);  verify

44th Fest Malhas in Hakutinga starts next Thursday (16); verify

7 days before the start of the 44th edition of Fest Malhas, dozens of professionals are working at full capacity, assembling the structure of the fair. Floors, stands, electrical parts, decorations and all details are being prepared so that the place is ready to receive the thousands of visitors that are expected during the 18 days of the Yakuting (Mingwins) event.

The architect Flavia Maria Stecca, who has already designed 16 editions of Fest Malhas, is in charge of the entire structure both in the central pavilion and in the outer areas of the fair, and this year he has brought many new features.

“In the structural part of the pavilion, we will have a higher and wider area with a cleaner format, which will bring comfort and better mobility, in addition to improving the thermal and acoustic factor of the room.”he explained.

In total, the area of ​​the covered pavilion, where Fest Malhas will be held, covers the entire street of Professor Augusto Felipe Wolf with a length of about 200 meters. In addition to the pavilion, two more lanes will be used as a food court. Also, part of the space is used for the Fest Malhas festival, the Luis Moraes Cardoso municipal stadium, where a restaurant will be located, and the Alderiga Grossi municipal gymnasium, where a children’s amusement park will be installed.

fashion stands

“This year’s Fest Malhas is attended by 50 fashion exhibitors in various knitting, knitting and crochet segments. Stands will be located at one of the entrances and will meet the standards of other publications. However, we aim to expand the exhibition space this year and visitors will be able to have more mobility to explore the booths and convenience to shop.”Flavia Stecca said.

Vila Mineira

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According to Flavia Stecchi, thanks to the success of the last personal edition of Fest Malhas, Vila Mineira will be present again in this edition, but with some changes.

“Inside the pavilion, we will also have Vila Mineira, which in the previous edition was located in the area adjacent to the fair. There will be 21 stands where we will present the best of the culture, crafts and gastronomy of Minas Gerais. The decoration will also refer to this theme, with wooden furniture and a central floor depicting the cobbled streets typical of some of the historic towns of Minas Gerais.” commented.

central living room

Photo Disclosure | Fest Knitwear

In a very wide area, between the fashion stands and Vila Mineira, there will be a central living room that will serve as a seating area with tables and chairs and will also give access to the Fashion Space.

“The lounge will be a place where we will work with a variety of colors, following this year’s fashion trends. We will also use the butterfly symbolism that will be present in the decor, referring to the transformation and new start associated not only with the event, but also with this resumption in various sectors of the economy due to the pandemic. “Stecca explained.

fashion space

Located in the Palace of Arts, Espaço Fashion will retain its characteristics from previous editions, with a runway where fashion shows will take place, in addition to a bar and space for concerts that will take place at night, with the presence of bands and singers from the city and the region.

Amusement park

Children will also get their place at the 44th Fest Malhas and will be able to have fun in a space created for the little ones with various toys and attractions. Monitors will be installed on the territory to ensure the safety of children and the peace of mind of parents.

food court

A popular place not only for tourists but also for residents of Yakutingu, the food court will be located outside on two sections of streets parallel to the fair.

“In one part of Rua Mato Grosso there will be 15 stands selling various types of sweets, drinks, food, snacks and draft beer. There will be food trucks on Rua dos Expedicionários that will offer snacks, drinks and a varied menu. In addition, there will be a restaurant located in the Municipal Stadium and a bar located in Espaço Fashion.”– concluded the architect.

All these rides and news from the 44th Fest Malhas will be available from June 16 to July 3. An event for the whole family where you can get to know the famous knitwear produced at the textile pole, as well as the culture, customs, cuisine and hospitality typical of a mining town.

Source G1 | Knitwear Fest Opening

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