7 Tips for the Perfect Cake Recipe High Astral

7 Tips for the Perfect Cake Recipe High Astral

A very tasty and fluffy cake, with or without filling, is always a great choice for afternoon coffee, isn’t it? However, it can be a little tricky to prepare a dish properly, especially if we are not used to this type of recipe. Therefore, it is important to know some tricks and tips to help you make a very fluffy, soft and moist cake.

So, we highlight some very important tips for those who want to make a delicious cake for their afternoon coffee. Verify:

1- Correct temperature

Be sure to remove ingredients such as eggs and milk from the refrigerator just before making the cake. This is important because if they are at room temperaturethe yeast will work better and therefore your recipe is more likely to work.

2- Very free flowing ingredients

To make the cake more airy, the golden tip sift dry ingredientssuch as flour, cornmeal, and powdered chocolate. So, take a little time to do this step before adding these ingredients to the dough, you know?

cake ingredients
Leaving the ingredients loose is essential for a good cake – Shutterstock

3- Cake in mixer

If you are going to make the cake in a mixer, start by beating the egg whites until they are firm. Then add them to the dough, stirring with a spoon with the mixer turned off. At the same time, your the cake will be more airy and the recipe will be a success.

4- Cupcake in a blender

A blender is another device that can be a great helper when making a very fluffy cake, you know? For this it’s simple start whisking the liquid ingredients and then gradually add dry. So you do not risk that the dough will stick together. Another important tip is to save the yeast for last and stir it with a spoon.

5- Can it be done manually? Of course yes!

If you don’t have a stand mixer or blender, you can also make a very soft and fluffy dough using your hands and a very stable spoon or wire whisk, you knew? The whisk is even great for whisking egg whites, giving them a flawless texture.

6- Don’t forget the oven

It is important to remember to preheat the oven for about 15 minutes before putting the dough in to bake. In fact, the advice for knowing if it’s hot enough is to look at your glass and wait until it fogs up.

Another tip related to the oven is not to open the appliance in the first 15 minutes after putting the dough to bake – after all, when we do this, we risk that the cake will stop growing.

oven with cake
For perfect results, preheat the oven before baking the cake – Shutterstock

7- Right way

Finally, the choice of a shape of the size indicated in the recipe for making dough is also very important, you know? Thus, it is more guaranteed that the cake will be the right height and not overflow.

If you are not sure if your figure is the right size, observe whether the wet mass occupies up to two-thirds of the refractory container – if so, the measurement must be correct. Also, do not forget to grease the form with margarine and wheat flour before baking.

Did you like the tips? See below for details:

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