After a year of the program, only one company has joined Adopt a Park.

After a year of the program, only one company has joined Adopt a Park.

A year after its launch, the Department of the Environment’s Adopt a Park program was only able to process one adoption by Coca-Cola. Seven more proposals remain paralyzed. The failure of the initiative was the subject of a technical note published last week by Politics for Integer.

The program aims at adoption by natural or legal persons, national or foreign, of one of the 132 conservation units in the Amazon for up to five years. Despite the inclusion of individuals in the Establishment Decree, the call for the first phase of the program (MMA Decree 73/2021) only allowed for adoption by companies. In total, 8 of them participated in the process, although only Coca-Cola actually accepted the Jawari Buriti Relevant Ecological Area (ARIE) in Amazonas for 658,000 reais. The rest, who participated in the signing of the protocol of intent, with this, the adoption process was stopped.

Even the second phase of the programme, launched late last year with a focus on introducing trails to conservation units in Caatinga, remains in limbo. So far no proposals have been received.

In addition to low efficiency, a technical note made by PolĂ­tica por Inte highlights other problems of the program, such as the lack of public information about its progress and the lack of consultation with the traditional communities that live in these conservation units and who must be heard if they want to participate in program. In August 2021, ((o))eco reported that Adote was not respecting the right of traditional communities to consult.

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