Agency Brasilia

Agency Brasilia

Completely restored by BRB, which took over the operation of the TV tower in 2020, the Mezzanine became the stage for the launch of the Mundo Gastro – Connection Vietnam festival on Wednesday night (20), the eve of Brasília’s 62nd anniversary.

The event aims to establish a connection between the cuisine of the Federal District and other countries, bringing together tastes, knowledge and tourism. The launch was attended by restaurant owners, chefs, critics and gastronomy journalists, among other guests.

Tasteful Vietnamese cuisine will be studied by city chefs and tasted by visitors until May 8 | Photo: Vinicius de Melo/Brazilia Agency

The festival is organized by the Union of Employers of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Similar Services in Brasilia (Sindhobar) with the support of BRB, the National Service for Commercial Training (Senac-DF) and BAT Brasil (formerly Souza Cruz). this Thursday fair (21) until May 8th.

Produced in collaboration with the Embassy of Vietnam, this first issue features the best of Vietnamese cuisine, rich in taste, color and aroma, from bitter, sour and spicy to sweet and salty. gourmets will love it.

Deputy Governor Paco Britto attended the inauguration and praised the initiative. “It’s good that we brought all these people together and conveyed to the population the knowledge about this cuisine, which is common all over the world,” he stressed.

“This space has never been used. By the decision of the governor and with BRB, this wonderful work has begun, which has made the tourist places of the city permanent places.”
Jael António da Silva, President of Sindhobar

On this occasion, the spokesman for the Government of the Federal District (GDF) also challenged the President of Sindhobar, Jael António da Silva. “Most embassies don’t know this place [mezanino]. We are going to have a festival about Midwestern cuisine and invite ambassadors to get acquainted with our cuisine and enjoy a wonderful evening,” he said.

economic zone

Paco also spoke about the current management of BRB, which has played a key role during the most critical period of the covid-19 pandemic. “BRB allocated BRL 8.2 billion to heal and save the DF economy,” the Deputy Governor said, referring to the Supera-DF programs in 2020 and Acredita-DF last year, which together moved BRL 8.2 billion and brought benefit more than 156 thousand individual and corporate clients.

In turn, Vietnamese Ambassador Pham Thi Kim Hoa spoke emotionally about the event that took place on the eve of Brazil’s anniversary. “I hope that relations between the two countries will develop more through gastronomy. Today I want to express my gratitude to the vice-governor and all the guests, journalists and restaurant representatives,” he said to those present.

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The works to improve the TV tower received an investment of 7.8 million reais.

The president of Sindhobar praised the government’s initiative to renovate the mezzanine. “This space has never been used. By the decision of the governor and with BRB, this wonderful work has begun, which has made the tourist places of the city permanent places,” he concluded.

Senac-DF Director Karine Camara recalled the difficulties the sector faced during the two years of the pandemic, thanking the GDF for its “tireless work”. “It was a battle,” he said.

about the festival

With meals ranging from 69 to 89 reais, customers can enjoy the feast in their own restaurants or in the form take as well as Delivery. For customers with a BRB card, there is still an 8% discount on the festival dish. DF has 17 participating restaurants.

In partnership with Senac, the festival also includes two show classes open to the public on the 28th of this month and May 3rd, from 18:00 to 20:00, at the Carreta da Gastronomia, located at 713/913 Sul (in opposite Senac Faculty of Technology and Innovation).

A gastronomic festival takes place on the mezzanine of the TV tower

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