Airy Carrot Cake: How to Make and Ingredients

Airy Carrot Cake: How to Make and Ingredients

Carrot cake will never go out of style. Even those who ate to exhaustion as children are still looking for the perfect recipe. At least that’s what Google shows: in the ranking of the most popular delicacies on the platform in 2021, the delicacy was in fourth place.

How about another recipe for the collection? In this practical step by step guide, Our Simone Fiusa from Look do Fogão carrots are ground directly in a blender with other ingredients.

This is followed shortly by the cat’s jump, which produces a fluffy texture worthy of a grandma’s recipe. This is the addition of a cup of milk or water at room temperature.

The milk in the cake serves as a softener. This is one of the main ingredients that makes the dough very fluffy and soft.”

Carrot Cake - I Deserve It - Simona Fiusa - Simona Fiusa

Airy carrot cake with sooo creamy brigadeiro

Image: Simona Fiusa

While the cake is baking, the blogger prepares brigadeira from cream, condensed milk, butter and chocolate or chocolate bars over low heat.

The secret to the “volcanic” look is to use a mold with a hole in the middle and keep the frosting creamy. “When boiling, count three minutes, stir constantly and turn off the fire.”

For those who believe in energy, Simone has an extra piece of advice: “I always say positive words to the cake and treat it with lots of love.”

To access the full recipe, click on the image below:

Carrot Cake with Brigadeiro

From lemon, lemonade

Six years ago, Simone from Sao Paulo experienced a difficult moment that changed her life. She had complications at the end of her son’s pregnancy, which turned into postpartum depression. “The psychologist advised me to do what I love. But I had a financial crisis.

Simona Fiusa - Fernando Ducatti - Fernando Ducatti

Simone Fiusa: journalist, model and food blogger.

Image: Fernando Ducatti

Despite cultivating good memories with food, like the taste of her 5th birthday cake and the smell of grandma’s greaves, at that moment, cooking was something boring, obligatory, boring…

“I tried to link ingredients and learn good recipes from my mother’s and grandmother’s notebooks,” says the journalist, who was modeling at the time.

Gradually, she became comfortable showing on social networks, where she usually posted the image of the day, the simple food that she managed to cook. “The photos were very successful. Until I met a friend and he said to me: your look during the day is beautiful, and your look at the stove is wonderful.

Carrot Cake - I Deserve It - Simona Fiusa - Simona Fiusa

Carrot Cake: See full recipe above.

Image: Simona Fiusa

Thus, in 2016, Look do Fogão was born with the goal of sharing a recent adventure in the kitchen with followers. Although the recipes did not always work, the connection with the “real” audience did occur.

Today, she has almost 500,000 followers on Instagram and is completely dedicated to work that goes beyond the social network. “I discovered in myself an absurd love for the kitchen. I do pubs and videos for brands, mentoring, classes and lectures, helping companies develop products, and cooking a lot.”

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