Alagoas has five finalists for one of Brazil’s biggest gastronomic awards;  vote here

Alagoas has five finalists for one of Brazil’s biggest gastronomic awards; vote here

Wanderson Medeiros, Simone Bert, Roger Silva and Jonatas Moreira: chefs and restaurants nominated by Prazeres da Mesa for the Best of the Year Award

Alagoas has five Best of the Year nominations from Prazeres da Mesa magazine, one of the country’s gastronomy guides, whose first finalist vote, according to the magazine, was compiled by a panel of 130 people including chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers and journalists.

In the “Best Restaurant in the Northeast Region” category, this year’s Alagoas finalist was Akuaba, led by Chef Jonatas Moreira and his mother, Vera Moreira. A Bahian restaurant in Alagoas claims the title along with restaurants such as Amado and Origin in El Salvador, as well as Quina do Futuro and Arvo in Recife.

Chef Wanderson Medeiros from Pikui was not only a finalist this year in the Banquetman category, competing against famous national buffets (such as L’Épicerie from São Paulo and Bravo Catering from Minas Gerais), but also in São Paulo , Canto do Piqui, opened a new restaurant nominated for the title of finalist in the category “New of the Year”.

In the category of the best restaurant with a Latin American menu, the finalist from Alagoas was the Peruvian Wanchako, led by chef Simone Bert. The restaurant competes in the final with 7 other houses such as Ama.Zo from São Paulo and Dos Perros Tacos from Rio de Janeiro.

In the field of Japanese cuisine, chef Roger Lima from Hatsu Izakaya in Ponta Verde competes as a finalist in the Sushiman category with the names of seven other restaurants, six in Sao Paulo and one in Pernambuco.

This year Alagoas has a finalist even in the best caipirinha category. Divina Gula from Alagoas was a finalist in this category, competing against heavyweights in the Academia da Cachaça in Rio de Janeiro.

To vote for the finalists from Alagoas, simply visit the Prazeres da Mesa magazine award site here. (Even though the voting list includes 34 categories, you can only vote for categories of your choice by clicking “OK” on categories you don’t know about).

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