Alessandra Mundurucu is the first interviewee of the year in Vozes do Planeta

Alessandra Mundurucu is the first interviewee of the year in Vozes do Planeta

The voice of Alessandra Corap Mundurucu opens the new season of Vozes do Planeta, a social and environmental podcast presented by journalist Paulina Chamorro. Episode 201, the first of the year, aired on April 8 and brought listeners an interview with an indigenous activist. Over the course of the 40-minute episode, Korap touches on sensitive topics for indigenous peoples, such as the importance of land demarcation, projects affecting their cultural manifestations, and environmental conservation. In addition, the podcast is marked by the emotional statements of the interlocutor, which touch even the presenter herself.

Alessandra is touched by the fight. She was the first woman to lead the Pariri Indigenous Association, has received international awards in recognition of her work in the field of human rights, and is currently Vice President of the Para Indigenous Federation. Her notoriety has put her at risk twice already when her home was invaded for political reasons.

“My house had a seizure, the first time in 2019 and then in 2021. The first time he had an attack, the son hugged me and cried: “Mom, I don’t want you to be killed.” The second time I looked at my kids and said, “I’m sorry about everything that’s going on, but I can’t shut up.” I regret the violence against our people, but I need to fight to defend my territory,” he says painfully. The attacks, however, did not destroy his forces.

“We need to guarantee our territory, because if we kneel now, they will take it,” says Alessandra Mundurucu.

Alessandra also says that fighting for her people is exhausting and that the indigenous people are sick because of mercury, a heavy mining metal: “The world is steamy [palavra da língua munduruku para referir-se aos não-indígenas] makes us sick. Each nation gets sick on its territory not only because of the threat of LP, but also because of mercury, a poison that is thrown into rivers and streams. Our people are tired of things we didn’t have before.”

Chamorro recalls in a choked voice a study done by Fiocruz in partnership with WWF-Brazil, which shows that 100% of Mundurucu residents have some level of mercury contamination. However, the solution given to them by the government is to stop eating fish, their main food source. Alessandra argues that the measure to be taken should be the expulsion of illegal mining from her territory.

Listen to the full episode 201 of “Voices of the Planet”:

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