Amazon’s role in upcoming elections is the subject of online debate

Amazon’s role in upcoming elections is the subject of online debate

The website ((o))eco, which specializes in environmental reporting, will bring together specialists next Thursday (26/05) to discuss the topic “Amazon and Elections”. The table is open to the public and will be streamed on the O Eco YouTube channel from 18:00.

The Amazon, home to about 30 million Brazilians, plays a key role in the fight against climate change. The rainforest has, in fact, been at the center of the international debate, and the direction the country will take after October 2022 is not only a topic of national interest.

To discuss the role Amazon will play in this year’s elections and scenarios for the future beyond 2023, ((o))eco invited researcher Caio Pompeia, journalist and writer Miriam Leitao, and political scientist Monique Sodre to an online debate that will conclude 2- and mini-tournament. course in environmental journalism.

The table will be streamed via Youtube by ((o))eco. Participation is free and does not require registration, but in order for interested parties to be notified via the newsletter, the following form must be completed:


Guy of Pompeii is a postdoctoral fellow in social anthropology at USP and author of The Political Shaping of Agribusiness (Ed. Elefante, 2021).

Miriam Leitao She is a journalist and writer who has worked for several agencies and has been with Organizações Globo since 1991. He has published thirteen books, including Saga Brasileira, which won the Jabuti Award for Nonfiction Book of the Year in 2012. He just released Democracy Trapped.

Monica Sodre is Executive Director of the Political Action Network for Sustainable Development (RAPS). She is a political scientist and holds a master’s degree from the Federal University of San Carlos (UFSCar) and a PhD in international relations from the University of Sao Paulo (USP).

The 2nd mini-course on environmental journalism, which runs from 23 to 26 May, is organized by ((o))eco and the Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente da Amazônia (Imazon) with the support of the Amazon Sustainable Development Foundation (FAS) and NIKFI.

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