An endangered stingray species has been caught and killed on a beach in the state of Bahia.

An endangered stingray species has been caught and killed on a beach in the state of Bahia.

A baby manta ray, not yet described by science, became entangled in a lobster net and was dragged to the beach, where a witness filmed the animal. The episode took place on the morning of Thursday the 7th at Jaua Beach, Camasari, a city in the El Salvador metropolitan region. The beam, approximately 138 kg, did not survive.

The video shows a now lifeless animal, stretched out on the sand. Due to its size, it attracts the attention of those who see it, including those who take pictures of it, who exclaim: “It’s a giant, see?”. The owner of a nearby stall poses next to a stingray, holding on to one of its fins.

Watch the video:

case is not isolated

The manta ray is an endangered animal, and because of this, hunting and capturing it is prohibited by law. However, the article “Underestimated Threats to Brazil’s Manta Rays: A Primary in Support of Conservation Strategies” (free translation) published in Global Ecology and Conservation, highlights accidental and intentional trappings carried out from 2000 to 2020 in some states of the Brazilian coast, mainly Bahia, Espirito Santo and Sergipe, showing that this action is still very common.

Manta ray caught on the beach of Vila Velha (Spain). Image: Global Ecology and Conservation

270 manta ray sighting records were mapped, of which 70 had human-caused injuries, including 29 fatalities.

Nayara Bukair, oceanographer and author of the study, explains that it is necessary to show how much more valuable these animals are in life: “Scientific dissemination is designed to change this situation. [As raias-manta] generate more resources as a product of tourism than fisheries. We must transfer this knowledge to the fishermen of Bahia so that they become conservation agents,” emphasizes Nayara.

Current Manta Conservation Project

Mantas do Brasil is a nationwide project run by the Instituto Laje Vivo and sponsored by the Santos Port Authority, the company that manages the port of Santos in Sao Paulo. In the state of Bahia, a partnership between Projeto Mantas do Brasil and Instituto Rede Mar Brasil has resulted in the Redemantas initiative to conserve the state’s giant rays, mainly by raising awareness and informing the local fishing communities.

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