Atlantico Paulista launched on World Oceans Day

Atlantico Paulista launched on World Oceans Day

On World Oceans Day, 8 June, Instituto Coral Vivo is releasing the book “Atlântico Paulista – Carta de Navigation for Biodiversity” with unpublished images taken by photographer Luciano Candicani and available for free download. The work was carried out by Projeto Coral Vivo in an attempt to evoke love and respect for the São Paulo coastline, as it is the first step towards its conservation, as explained by Flavia Gebert, general coordinator of the project.

“Awakening love, empathy and respect for an environment that welcomes us and generously provides natural resources and ecosystem services is the first step towards their conservation. That’s why we brought in one of the world’s greatest nature photographers, Luciano Candisani, to create this simple and powerful book,” he says.

The book is a nautical map of the biodiversity of the Atlantic Ocean of São Paulo through the eyes of Candisani, a documentary filmmaker based in Ilhabel who captures images from his own perspective as part of the web of life in the Atlantic Forest. Aboard the sailboat Huva Oa, equipped with cameras and cylinders, the photographer swam and dived through the biodiversity of Sao Paulo’s marine ecosystems, capturing images that reveal underwater and coastal treasures, and is now sharing with the rest of the world to draw people’s attention to biodiversity that needs to be preserved. .

“The image of São Paulo is usually associated with an accelerated process of urbanization, industrial and agricultural production, or a hectic financial world. Many do not know the greatest and most fragile wealth of the state, what guarantees the existence of a person in this place: its natural heritage,” explains Tito M.S. Lotufo, creator of the Petrobras-sponsored project and regional coordinator for Coral Vivo in Sao Paulo.

The work was done in collaboration with the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo (IOUSP) and is available for free download on the Coral Vivo website.

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