Bento cake: Ribeirão Preto’s confectionery bets on fun Valentine’s Day cakes |  Ribeirão Preto and France

Bento cake: Ribeirão Preto’s confectionery bets on fun Valentine’s Day cakes | Ribeirão Preto and France

A bakery in Ribeirão Preto (Spain) has bet on a bento cake to please couples this Sunday (12), Valentine’s Day. With a variety of doughs and different flavors, little cakes topped with whipped cream and covered in phrases, drawings and even memes have become popular and are a great gift for those who want to make the holiday more fun.

According to businessman and confectioner Otavio Enrique Sousa Oliveira, the demand for this product has increased by about 60-70% by Valentine’s Day. Customers lack creativity when it comes to personalizing a gift, he says.

“We get a lot of requests for statements and special messages. There are people who live far away and send them to those who live here in Ribeiran. It’s very cool, we think it’s great,” he says.

With the approach of Valentine’s Day in Ribeirão Preto (SP), the demand for “bento cake” has increased – Photo: Reproduction / EPTV

At the start of 2022, the bakery began a trend towards custom-made cakes, Oliveira said. It was the customers themselves who were looking for a place in search of a product, and this reality influenced the entire production line of the establishment.

“Inspiration came largely from demand. Clients asked, and we adapted to the search. It was very difficult in the beginning because it was very different from the style of confectionery that I like. outside the modern, completely separated.”

This Sunday, in addition to the traditional “I love you”, funny messages were part of the couples’ request. Among them, the baker singles out one that attracted attention with her creativity: “I love you, no matter how difficult you are!”

“We like to tell the customer that this cake is a blank canvas. We make it fully customizable”

“Bento cake” on the theme of Valentine’s Day – Photo: reproduction / EPTV

According to the businessman, the cost of cakes varies from 45 to 60 reais. Dough four options, filling five. The composition of flavors to the taste of the customer.

He also says that in the past, the main disclosure of information was through social networks, through advertisements. However, now the reach is already organic.

“In terms of what the market feels like, this is a product that has come in to renew confectionery. We intend to keep it on the menu for all dates and occasions,” he says.

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