Best Asian Restaurants in Lisbon

Best Asian Restaurants in Lisbon

Oriental cuisine, whether Chinese, Japanese, Thai or from other Asian latitudes, tends to be quite healthy, always filled with natural ingredients, where the use of vegetables and ancient cooking methods clearly stand out.

Therefore, what we present to you today is a series of restaurants serving the most traditional Asian dishes.

The city has some of these places and in this list you will find The best Asian restaurants in Lisbon.

Asian restaurants in Lisbon:

1 – Han barbecue at the table

Let’s start by explaining that many of these restaurants this is the client himself preparing food on the grill, be it meat or vegetables.

Han Table Barbecue is one such case. where each person roasts meat, fish and vegetables the way he likes, from various cuts of beef and pork, leek, lotus flower, eggplant, tofu, as well as shrimp and octopus.

A family: Rua Gomes Freire 11B | Rua da Pimenta 5 (Parque das Nações) | Rua Antonio Pereira Carrilho 11 (Arroyos)

people cooking at the table han barbecue korean restaurant

korean restaurant kosmos people cook food at the table hana bbq korean restaurant
Photo by @hantablebarbecue

2 – K-Bob

At K-Bob, dishes are served to the table already cooked, no need to get your hands dirty.

The specialties here are boiled eggs with green onions, beef with onions, mushrooms and carrots and chicken stew with spicy sauce. Mmmm, delicious!

A family: Avenida Ressano Garcia 41 A (San Sebastian)

signature dish at Korean restaurant K-Bob

kosmos korean restaurant people cook food in k-bob korean restaurant
Photo by @k.bob_lisboa

3 – K-Bab, in the Eastern market

Located in Mercado Oriental, one of the reference places for Asian cuisine in Lisbon, K-Bab was one of the first Korean restaurants to open downtown.

Here you can taste traditional bibimbap (rice mixed with meat and vegetables, with chili paste and “egg on a horse”); Korean soups, fried chicken and also ra-bocca, a dish that includes pasta, cabbage, fish balls, boiled egg, onion and leek. All of these dishes are delicious!

A family: Rua da Palma 41 (Martim Moniz)

asian food from korean restaurant people cook food in k-bab korean restaurant in oriental market

kosmos korean restaurant people cook food in k-bab korean restaurant in oriental market
Photo by @mercadooriental.martimmoni

4 – Good Bao

Although Boa Bao’s restaurant space is large – and very beautiful, by the way – not easy to get a table at the busiest time for lunch or dinner. Consequently, our advice is to go 30-40 minutes before “rush hour”.

Serving traditional dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Camoji, Japan, China and, of course, Korea, no wonder everyone wants to try delicacies from Boa Bao.

And since we are talking about Asian cuisine, we advise noodles sweet potato fries or bulgogi salmon marinated in Korean pear juice with Asian vegetables.

Another advantage of this restaurant is that you can enjoy huge terrace, in the heart of Chiado.

A family: Largo Rafael Bordalu Pinheiro 30 (Chiado)

asian food in korean restaurant people cook food in boa bao korean restaurant

kosmos korean restaurant people cook food in boa bao korean restaurant
Photo @boabao.portugal

5 – SOI – Asian Street Food

Undoubtedly SOI is one of our favorite Asian restaurants. It’s obvious that we love it so much street eatery?

Located in the lively area of ​​Cais do Sodre. At SOI you can taste the best dishes with curries, bao, excellent pad thai and, of course, fried wings fried in Korean sauce.

A family: Rua da Coin 1C (Cais do Sodré)

SOI Asian Restaurant

Restaurant space SOI
Photo by @soi_asian_street_food

6 – Soao – Asian tavern

It opened in April 2018 and quickly became in one of the best Asian restaurants in Alvalade.

Soão is right next to Cinema City and this is where they serve delicacies from India, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Japan and China.

Our Korean offer goes to Dakganjeong, delicious spicy chicken wings with Korean sauce and sesame seeds.

The decor is impeccable with paper lanterns, bird cages and dozens of other items reminiscent of oriental culture. Wood is the main element on both floors and The behind the counter food experience is a must for anyone who enjoys a more authentic experience.

A family: Avenida de Roma 100 (Alvalade)

soao asian restaurant

place for soão restaurant
Photo by @soao.tabernaasiatica

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