best tips to enjoy tourist attraction

best tips to enjoy tourist attraction

The banks of Parintina, washed by the majestic Amazon River, are one of the most beautiful places on the island of Tupinambara. This place becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions among visitors during the festival, and in order to make use of every detail, the State Tourist Company of Amazonas (Amazonastur) has prepared tips for activities that can be held on the outskirts of the municipality.

Opened in 2007, Praça Digital or Praça do Cristo Redentor has become the main stage for popular festivals and artistic performances in the municipality. With breathtaking views of the Amazon River, the square has an observation deck, presentation stage, pier, restaurants and free Wi-Fi, which is why it is known as Praça Digital. This place is one of the main postcards of Parintin.

The square was renovated and reopened in 2018 for major events. Tourists love this place because it is public, open, ventilated, with a panoramic view of the Amazon River, perfect for beautiful photos and surrounded by bars, shops and restaurants.

municipal market

The municipal market of Leopoldo Neves, located on the banks of the Amazon River, is one of the best places on the island to taste regional cuisine and enjoy beautiful views of the Amazon River.

Whoever visits Parintins should go to the Leopoldo Neves municipal market. In addition to great views of the Amazon River and local cuisine, the building was built in the 1930s (Janailton Falcão/Amazonastur).

The building has Portuguese architecture and was inaugurated in 1937, its orange color attracts attention. Inside the market, there are local fruit and vegetable stalls, craft shops and restaurants serving the best of the local cuisine.

The food court has a small stage where local artists take turns singing the brightest bull tunes and other musical styles. The food court also has a covered veranda, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful experience of tasting regional dishes while admiring the boats passing through the Amazon River, as well as seeing dolphins.

Among the variety of dishes served in restaurants, the highlight is the traditional local coffee. Each establishment has its own special dish, which ranges from tapioca with a wide variety of fillings to sandwiches that use Amazonian delicacies as the main ingredient.

A tip is to order the X-Caboquinho with three cheeses, a sandwich in which layers of tucum are interspersed with layers of mozzarella, cottage cheese and regional cheeses, served on delicious French bread.

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