Biscuit cake making

Biscuit cake Biscuit cake is one of the cold desserts preferred by many, because of its lightness on the stomach and easy to work with, as well as the refreshing cold taste in the mouth, besides the fact that sponge cake is distinguished by its low cost, and to prepare it can be done at home at any time thanks to the speed and ease of operation, so here in this article we will explain the steps for making a biscuit cake.
Cooking biscuit cake with cream
First grade:
Two cups of crushed cookies, a large spoonful of baking powder.
second layer:
Three eggs. Half a glass of sugar. 100 grams of unrefrigerated butter or half a glass of butter. Half a teaspoon of vinegar to get rid of the annoying smell of eggs. Half a glass of sugar. Half a glass of liquid milk.
Third layer:
Jars of cream one hundred and seventy grams. One third of a glass of dry milk. A cup is only a quarter of sugar. Four squares of kiri cheese. A small spoonful of cocoa powder.

How to get ready

Mix the second layer with an electric mixer for five minutes, then add the eggs, sugar, vinegar, butter and liquid milk. Mix them well so that the ingredients stick together well. Stop the mixer after five minutes and mix the ingredients for the first layer well. Mix well the ingredients of the first layer with the baking powder and biscuits. Grease a baking sheet with oil or butter. Pour the ingredients into the tray. Put the baking sheet in the oven at medium temperature until the mixture is ready. We take out the baking sheet and try to cool it or leave it to cool. We put the third layer in an electric mixer and mix the ingredients well, namely cream, milk powder, sugar and kiri cheese pieces. Add a little white cream with cocoa to an electric mixer and mix well until foamy. Decorate the cake with prepared white cream. Put the cocoa cream in a bag for decoration. We decorate the face of the cake as we see fit.
Making sponge cake

Two cups of crushed tea biscuits. One hundred grams of cream cheese. Three eggs. A small glass of sugar. Half a glass of oil. Two tablespoons of cocoa powder. Hanging baking powder. Thirty grams of white chocolate for decoration. Half a tablespoon of cream.

How to get ready

In a bowl, mix crushed biscuits with cocoa and baking powder. Beat cream cheese with sugar, then add butter and continue to mix well. Mix the cream cheese with the biscuit mixture until the ingredients are well combined. In the baking sheet in which we will spread the mixture, put the oil paper, and distribute the mixture in two layers, the first layer, then put the cookies on it, then distribute another layer of the mixture. Spread another layer of cream mixture. Put the baking sheet in the oven for half an hour and check its maturity. We take out the baking sheet after ripening and leave it to cool completely. Cut it open and take it out of the tray. Melt the white chocolate, prepare the cream and decorate the cake with it. We put in the refrigerator.

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