Boa Vista Junina starts at 19:00 in Fabio Parakat Square.

Boa Vista Junina starts at 19:00 in Fabio Parakat Square.

The event will feature a traditional square dance competition and over 47 local and national attractions.

After two years of no in-person events, the 22nd Boa Vista Junina starts this Saturday (11) at 19:00 in Praça de Eventos Fábio Marques Paracat. This year’s edition, with the theme “Viva esse Reencontro”, will include an extensive cultural program, including the traditional “Concurso de Quadrilhas”.

The array has a larger structure and is full of news. The physical space is located more than 1.5 km from the Ayrton Senna complex, starting at Portal do Milenio and ending at Plaza Fabio Marques Paracat.

On the stages of “Reencontro” and “Ballão Junino” 47 local and national attractions will play. Another novelty is Fazendinha, an interactive zone with stylized animals with links to June in the play space, following the concept of interactive toys that exist in the squares.


In the food court and at the Gastronomy Fair of the Foundation for Education, Tourism, Sports and Culture (Fetec), you will have a variety of gastronomic dishes with the best dishes of regional, Brazilian and typical cuisine of this time of year, such as maize, pamona, hominy and pasok. There will also be “The World’s Largest Pasok” at the closing scheduled for next Saturday (18).

Schedule for this 1st day

In addition, the traditional Quadrilhas competition is held, on the first day of which performances by Guerreiros de Jorge, Arrasta Pé, Tradição Macuxi, Garranxê and Sinhá Benta will be presented. View show time:




from 20:00 to 21:00


Warriors of George

from 21:00 to 22:00


drag one’s leg

from 22:00 to 23:00


Crown tradition

from 23:00 to 00:00



from 0h to 1h


Miss Benta


Aerial view of Boa Vista Junina, 2019 (Photo: Tony Bill/Semuk)

The Boa Vista Junina area will be heavily guarded with an electronic surveillance system, with approximately 50 cameras at strategic points of the event and a mobile base (minibus) from which the Municipal Civil Guard will monitor the movement of the square. in real time for eight nights of collection.

Vehicles will make rounds as part of the event. Traffic will be organized by agents of the City Transport Authority (SMTRAN), who will guide drivers so that they do not interfere with traffic on the streets and avenues close to the square. The municipality of Boa Vista will also count on the support of the military police, civilian police and fire department.

bus routes

During the collection days, routes in the direction of Bairro-Centro will follow Avenida Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes and pass through Rua General Penha Brasil. In the direction of the city center / area, the lines will be changed to the following routes: Agnelo Bitencourt Street, Mayor Williams Street and General Peña Brazil Street.

The schedule of taxis and buses has also been changed, they will run with 100% fleet this Saturday (11) and Sunday (12): Bus: from 6:00 to 1:00; Capacity: from 6:00 to 14:00; and regular taxi: free time.

Blocking streets and avenues

Intersections with Arnaldo Brandão and Dom José Nepote streets were blocked. Access to Ene Garcez Avenue will be blocked on the right side, towards the Central District, immediately after the intersection with Mayor Williams Avenue to Barao do Rio Branco Street. On the other side of the avenue, towards Bairro-Centre, the road usually goes until the day before the party.

During the event period, the avenue towards Bairro-Centro will be closed from 15:30 and will be vacated every day after the events close. Drivers can now use alternative routes towards the center and the region, such as Mario Omem de Melo, Gleicon de Paiva and Ville Roy avenues.


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