Bolivia Fair combines the celebration of Valentine’s Day in Campo Grande

Bolivia Fair combines the celebration of Valentine’s Day in Campo Grande

The next Bolivian Fair on Sunday (12) will bring together the best atmosphere of Santo António, Sao Juan and Valentine’s Day. Organized by the Sectur (municipal secretary for culture and tourism), this is the third consecutive fair, which resumed in April and is traditionally held every second Sunday of the month.

This time, participants will be able to taste numerous gastronomic dishes such as the famous saltenas, choripan, barbecue, Japanese cuisine, traditional sweets and more, as well as enjoy more than 20 artistic attractions from 9:00 to 14:30.

Musically, Praça Bolivia features Dab Nan, Joao Pedro, Pesse Ribeiro, Marcos Mendez and Maria Claudia, Luciana Fischer and Renato, Lenilde Ramos, Banda Santo de Casa, Erika Espindola and Flavio Bernardo, Ze Geral, Vandire Barreto, Beto Raafur. , Thiao Cesar and Wellington Jr. The musicians represent a mixture of genres, which includes electronic music, MPB, pop rock and blues, as well as author’s, regional – not to be missed – and romantic songs for couples in love.

Dance shows include city dances and performances by Dansa Pujllai, Nidal de Dansa and Rosa de Fogo. Mestre Amauri leads the capoeira presentation, while Conceição Leite and Maria Rita Gonçalves (storytelling), Mara Calvis (children’s poetry) and Emilia Leal (poetry reading) handle the literary part.

A cultural fair is also a great option to choose the perfect gift for a loved one. There are dozens of stalls selling all kinds of goods: handicrafts, clothing, books, electronic games, decor and garden items, antiques and more. And then you can relax on the lawns, where towels are usually brought and have picnics.


Praça Bolivia is located in the Coophafé district, on the corner between Rua das Garças and Rua Barão da Torre. Cultural Festival attractions start at 9:00 am and continue until 2:30 pm this Sunday (12).

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