A delicious and fragile cake method

cake Cake is one of the most popular types of sweets among people, and is served on many solemn occasions, weddings, feasts, etc. It is characterized by its exquisite and exquisite taste, as well as numerous benefits for the human body; This is due to the fact that its components contain a range of beneficial … Read more

How to make parsley cake

cakeCake is one of the tastiest and most delicious types of sweets that is easy to prepare and is accepted by a large group of people around the world, and the methods and components of its preparation differ depending on which occasion it is served. and housewives are always interested in creating new types of … Read more

Biscuit cake making

Biscuit cake Biscuit cake is one of the cold desserts preferred by many, because of its lightness on the stomach and easy to work with, as well as the refreshing cold taste in the mouth, besides the fact that sponge cake is distinguished by its low cost, and to prepare it can be done at … Read more

How to make a pumpkin cake

cakeCake or pie is defined as a type of sweet food that is made primarily from flour with many different additives and flavorings in addition to sweeteners such as sugar, and cake comes in different types, shapes and flavors, depending on the type of material used. in his preparation. Among some types of vegetables that … Read more

How to make chocolate keto

How to Make Chocolate Keto How to make Chocolate Kato Chocolate Kato is one of the most famous types of Kato in the world. It is served in most restaurants and pastry shops. Chocolate Kato is distinguished by its delicious taste and also by being one of the nutritional boosters of energy and energy, as … Read more

The modus operandi of the dust of kings cake

Royal dusty pieRoyal Trap Cake is one of the tastiest desserts that can be made and served for different celebrations and special occasions such as success parties, birthdays, family nights and more as it is a new and unknown dessert for some. fried and its appearance looks like it is scattered dirt and this cake … Read more

How to make a hot cake

hot pie Hot pie is one type of American origin dessert recipe eaten for breakfast or as a snack during the day and is made mostly with flour, in addition to some different sauces like chocolate, butter, fruit, jam, etc. ., and a hot cake is distinguished by its lightness, ease, speed of preparation and … Read more