How to make chicken potato gratin

Components┬╝ teaspoon black pepper. A small spoonful of salt. Six large potatoes Two tablespoons of butter.Filling Ingredients:A clove of garlic. Three pieces of large chicken fillet, chopped. Two broken islands. ┬╝ cup chopped parsley. ┬╝ teaspoon black pepper. Two tablespoons of olive oil. A jar of love corn. One medium green bell pepper, chopped Half … Read more

Chicken rice in the oven

chicken with riceChicken rice dish is one of the most popular dishes served on dinner tables, especially in Arab countries, whether in restaurants or at home. This dish is prepared in many ways and flavors, two of which we will mention.Chicken rice in the ovenComponentsA kilogram of chicken fillet. A piece of chicken broth. Half … Read more

How to prepare chicken steak

Chicken steak with cream sauce and mushroomsIngredients: Five hundred grams of chicken fillet. Two tablespoons of red vinegar. Two tablespoons of olive oil. Half a teaspoon of black pepper. A little chopped parsley for garnish. Sauce Ingredients: Half a cup of chicken broth. Two tablespoons of butter. Small onion, finely chopped. Two teaspoons of minced … Read more

How to prepare chicken tacos

How to make chicken tacosComponentsFour hundred and fifty grams of chicken thighs or chicken breasts without bones and skin. A clove of minced garlic. Tablespoon lemon juice – optional Two tablespoons of olive oil. A tablespoon of chili powder, half a teaspoon of each: sweet pepper – to taste, garlic or onion powder, salt – … Read more

Moroccan fried chicken method

Chicken is one of the staples that people have relied on since ancient times, and it is one of the white meats that we use to make many delicious dishes. Moroccan fried chickenComponentsBig chicken. Two finely chopped onions. half a glass of olive oil. A teaspoon of grated ginger. Half teaspoon ground black or white … Read more