Chef Dudu Pörner offers the best French cuisine at Balnéário Camboriú.

Chef Dudu Pörner offers the best French cuisine at Balnéário Camboriú.

chief Dudu Pörner innovates again by announcing the opening of its new restaurant: Le Poulet Rouge. With French-Brazilian cuisine, the bistro arrives in Balneario Camboriu in the second half of the year, full of references to the land of gastronomy.

The announcement could not have been better than in the French city of Lyon, known as the gastronomic capital of the world, where Chef Doudou sought recommendations from traditional french cuisine. “When we talk about gastronomy in Lyon, we are of course talking about French haute cuisine. But in addition, we also talk about the traditional cuisine of the region, the famous bouchons, tripe-based cuisine, Charcuterie, cheeses and everything else, combining this with delicate cuisine, so our dear. This is the spirit of Le Poulet Rouge, our red chicken,” explains the chef.

The chosen hotspot couldn’t have been better: on Rua 2.550, 699, right in the center of Balneario Camboriu, in a space full of stories.

“Bistro Palatare has a beautiful history of love for gastronomy that is almost 15 years old, and it will be a great pleasure for us to dress this place with our face and our essence,” says Dudu.

Chef Doudou in France

On a gastronomic tour of France, Chief Dudu shared the delights of the country in his social networks. He has already traveled through Paris, visited the traditional Le Poule Au Pot, and now enjoys the cuisine of Lyon. “I’m on vacation, but it’s impossible to visit these places and not find inspiration to continue embodying our feelings through food, whether at Restaurante do Dudu, at Orgânico, at Quintal do Porco, and now at Le Poulet Rouge,” he concludes . Dudu.

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