Chef Elio Loureiro brings the best of Portuguese cuisine to France.

Chef Elio Loureiro brings the best of Portuguese cuisine to France.

Chef Elio Loureiro, 57, is the guest of honor in Tours, France, of the Sabores de Portugal gastronomy program, an event organized by the University of Coimbra and the host University of Tours, which will take place from 2 to 3 April 2022.

This event is part of Touraine and Portugal Culinary Exchange Week at the Herbert-Bayet School in Tours.

The Portuguese chef began his visit with a master class for the finalists of the “Pro Course” at the culinary school Herbert-Bayet, where he demonstrated culinary techniques and recipes of Portuguese cuisine. On April 2, a Cod Confit with Polenta dish is planned for about 50 guests.

The famous chef – current consultant and host of culinary programs – surprised the students when he came to the “Master Class” and unloaded from his car 15 kilograms of “true friend”, already cooked, soaked and properly frozen, so as to guarantee the quality national product on the day of the event.

Elio Loureiro continues to present his recipes on the RTP in the “Praça da Alegria” program after seven years of presenting “Tastes and Aromas”. Always ready to promote Portuguese gastronomy, Loureiro has been to festivals all over the world and has worked in countries such as Belgium, USA, France and Luxembourg.

The program began this Thursday, March 31st, with a meal for 250 guests at the Hotel de Ville and the discovery of Portuguese wines.

This Friday, April 1, there will be a round table on “Crossed Eyes: Gastronomy in France and Portugal”, followed by a literary presentation and a culinary course at “Tours à Table” on Rua Bernard-Palissy.


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