Chefs of our Earth – Contests

Chefs of our Earth – Contests

An original format for the whole family, where there is no shortage of music, entertainment, traditions and, of course, the typical cuisine of each region.

da Nossa Terra chefs, led by Isabelle Silva and Joao Paulo Rodríguez, travel the country from north to south to promote the best each region has to offer in terms of natural, historical, tourist and economic wealth. In this journey through the tastes and traditions of Portugal, our hosts are counting on the help of the reporters of the program: Ince Carranca and Thiago Ges Ferreira, who will walk around the city during the day, talking about its main attractions and interviewing the most chaste and funny inhabitants of the earth.
In the most original cooking competition on Portuguese television, every week we will have 4 teams of 4 elements, which can be made up of family members, friends, neighbors or colleagues. In each program, teams will go through a series of culinary challenges. The jury of the competition consists of three professional judges who change every week. Two of them are recognized chefs, and the third is a well-known chef from the place visited. The goal is to make its regional cuisine known, which will make the teams know and appreciate regional products and cook them with originality.
On the Chefs da Nossa Terra stage we will have Portuguese pop artists with their biggest and latest successes.


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