Dasian restaurant with a club atmosphere and a lounge that can be seen and shown in SP – 04/13/2022 – Restaurants

Dasian restaurant with a club atmosphere and a lounge that can be seen and shown in SP – 04/13/2022 – Restaurants

According to Nina Orta, the counter in a sushi restaurant is the highest praise for single eaters. If so, Daxiang will become a nightmare for these people.

Everything is excellent in the restaurant opened in Itaim Bibi in São Paulo. Starting with an architectural design, with a total capacity of up to 500 people. Tables are spread over two terraces, a covered area and a private room on the top floor, spaces usually sought after by people associated with corporate events, couples and those who want to combine gastronomy and the evil eye – weekends, after all. , the DJ guarantees the sound.

The Asian Menu Lounge is located on the first floor of building B32, a building that houses technology companies and a theater, in one of the most valuable corners of São Paulo, Faria Lima Avenue. and be seen.

The chef Flavio Miyamura from the extinct Miya and Ecstasia is in charge of the kitchen. As the name suggests, the menu lists Asian options, but with a strong Chinese American accent. There is even sushi and sashimi, but other dishes are worth stopping by.

Peking duck is the star of the house. Crispy fried poultry breast and thigh, thin cucumber and leek sticks, pancake dough and sauce are served for three people at a price of 265 reais. The idea is that you collect “sandwiches” and eat with your hands. If you are alone, a single portion costs 160 reais, but it is not described on the menu. Delivery of the order takes up to 30 minutes, but the wait is worth it.

It’s also worth the visit to share a few appetizers like the duck salad wrap. 45 reais for four servings: juicy slices of fried duck breast seasoned with orange and miso under romaine lettuce leaves, dressed with gochujang flavored mayonnaise, Korean red pepper paste and chopped seaweed.

The pork baos duo is delicious both for the softness of the steamed Chinese bun and the strength of the filling, which uses shredded ham and the fried sauce itself with paprika, gochujang and kimchi, a Korean chard-based jam. It costs 35 reais.

The weak point is fried rice with crab (70 reais), made with gohan rice, crustacean meat and chard. With a touch of ginger and quite fragrant, it lacks moisture and texture. Pork curry with vegetables, priced at R$60, is made with Thai red pasta, pork belly, zucchini, carrots and leeks. The spicy broth is accompanied by a serving of jasmine rice, which is much firmer than al dente.

From the same group of Corrientes 348, a traditional meat chain, Dasian goes against Sao Paulo’s trend towards restaurants with smaller and smaller halls and more compact staff, as well as menu sections. The hustle and bustle around calls for more than a place to eat, but at times the poor ambient lighting made it hard to even see the food on the plate.


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