Delicious recipe to enjoy chicken breast and make it stuffed in minutes

Delicious recipe to enjoy chicken breast and make it stuffed in minutes

One left chicken breast in your fridge and don’t know what to do to enjoy it? What do you think about learning income with this super tasty and practical meat?

If you’re wondering, this is breaststroke. breaded stuffed chicken which has ingredients that you probably should have at home or that are easy to find in a wide variety of stores.

With a hint published by the portal everything is deliciousyou will definitely love this recommendation. Ready to check? Then separate the recipe book and pen.

Breaded stuffed chicken breast


  • ½ chopped onion;
  • 1 kg of chicken breast;
  • 150 g of ham;
  • Salt and green onions (to taste);
  • 150 g mozzarella.

For bread:

  • Corn flour;
  • Farofa is ready;
  • ½ cup of water;
  • 2 eggs.

Preparation mode:

  • To begin with, you must cut the breast fillet (thick pieces) and make an incision that opens access to the inside of the meat;
  • Then you have to stuff it with cheese, ham, onions and green onions;
  • It is recommended to add salt, but with due care, as there is already salt in the finished farof;
  • Prepare all fillets before moving on to the next step;
  • Once this is done, mix the water and eggs until you get a smooth consistency;
  • Shortly thereafter, the following sequence must be followed: pass the fillet in the egg, cornmeal, again in the egg and in the finished farofa;
  • Repeat the process with all fillets;
  • Finally, in a deep frying pan, place an amount of oil that can cover the entire fillet, and then fry until golden brown;
  • Consume immediately.



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