DF Police looking for exotic snake they released into the wild

DF Police looking for exotic snake they released into the wild

Video showing the release in the Cerrado area by the Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF) through the Ecological Police Battalion, of a snake previously thought to be a boa constrictor (good boa constrictor) was working online this Thursday, 7. The problem is that it was actually Python (two-headed python), a species native to South Asia that may pose a threat to the ecosystem of the biome. In a note emailed to ((o))eco, the PMDF confirms the confusion and states that the battalion, along with the zoo and other conservation agencies, are looking for the snake they released into the wild.

The environmental group was notified of the snake’s presence near Balao do Periquito in Gama and went to rescue it. The animal attracted attention for its size (more than 2 meters in length) and was identified by professionals as a boa constrictor. Having distributed the video of the operation on social networks, specialists and reptile lovers drew attention to the differences between the specimen in question and boas.

invasive species

When an exotic species invades a space and adapts, reproducing uncontrollably, it threatens the balance of the ecosystem. Due to their competitive advantage and lack of natural predators, the environment is changing in their favor, favoring their reproduction, which impacts the environment.

The invader begins to compete with native species for resources such as territory, water, and food, and may even feed on other animals, endangering its existence due to the imbalance caused by the presence of the invader. In 2020, ((o))eco published a report by Bernardo Araujo explaining the danger of invasive snakes in Brazil. To learn more about invasive species, check out our Ecological Dictionary.

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