Economy: Sebrae-SP and Maturi launch program for start-ups created by people over 50

Economy: Sebrae-SP and Maturi launch program for start-ups created by people over 50

Entrepreneurs over 50 are the target audience for the program launched by Sebrae-SP and Maturi, Silver Startup Lab. The action will support the development and growth of startups at different stages through communication with mentors. 30 startups will be selected, and until June 30, you can register for free using the link.

Entrepreneurs from the state of São Paulo who already have a business, project or idea to launch a startup can participate in the program and seek support from experts in various fields to validate, test, improve and grow.

“About a quarter of the Brazilian population is over 50 years old. In 20 years more than 40% of the population will be over 50. This is a huge market and there is nothing better than people over 50 to serve this audience they are a part of. And Sebrae with Maturi will provide all the support to grow the business, promote mentoring and networking,” emphasizes Wilson Poit, Managing Director of Sebrae-SP.

“We started out as an employment platform for people over 50, but from the very beginning we talked about the entrepreneurship of our audience. And there is no one better than Sebrae to join forces and launch a program that will impact more and more people,” emphasizes Morris Litvak, founder and CEO of Maturi, a platform that brings together opportunities for work, personal development, professional learning , entrepreneurship and networking.

The Silver Startup Lab will last six months and start with a diagnostic as the business may, for example, be at the idea stage or even seek investment to scale. Participants will be mentored by market experts; monitoring needs and upcoming challenges; participating in events such as the CASE startup fair and Maturi Fest, the largest labor and entrepreneurship festival in Latin America with over 50 attendees; and links to other Sebrae for Startups programs and events, positioning Sebrae-SP dedicated to the São Paulo innovation ecosystem. Closing will take place in December on DemoDay to present the business to the evaluation committee.

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Sebrae-SP and Maturi hosted a chat with entrepreneurs during the program’s launch this Wednesday, June 1st. Véronique Forat, 65, is the co-founder and CEO of startup Coliiv, a platform that connects people who want to live together. “My partner Martha and I are two points off the curve. At the start-up events that we attended, everyone noticed our existence, like folklore characters. Then they began to get closer, love the project and understand that this is not just a hobby, that we really want this to happen, ”he said.

Dominique Cohen, partner and director of Alma Culinária, also shared her experience at the event. She is 58 years old, started a buffet business and needed to reinvent herself amid the pandemic. “During the nine months of the pandemic, we launched an online frozen food store. I thought that the deal would be a bridge to the resumption of events, but we are doing both in parallel. It’s a big challenge because I’m from a different generation, but it’s an interesting experience to build a business from scratch, learning a language that didn’t suit me in the first place,” he said.

Carlos Alberto Gallo, better known as Cooka, is 62 years old and created the Silver Men project, which started with a YouTube channel and today includes a support network as well as promotion of events and experiences. “When I started, I saw that there was nothing like it on the market. I gathered a group of friends and we decided to focus on four pillars: finance, knowledge, quality of life and lifestyle. We have a powerful group and use technology to spread and support new initiatives,” he said.

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