Festa das Cucas brought together 80,000 people in the Oktoberfest park – GAZ

Festa das Cucas brought together 80,000 people in the Oktoberfest park – GAZ

The 22nd edition of Festa das Cucas began on Friday and ended on the night of this Sunday 12. In addition to typical German dishes, it featured an amusement park, craft exhibitors and a trade fair. About 80,000 people walked through the Oktoberfest park in three days and 40,000 cuckoos were sold, according to event organizers.

At 4:00 pm on Sunday, the Cucas da Rosana outlet had already sold almost a thousand dishes of the traditional cuca com linguiça on the last day of the festival. On Saturday there were 600 units.

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According to the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Marcio Martins, in addition to the financial movement of the bakeries participating in the event, Festa das Cucas contributes to the development of the local economy. “Of those who come here, some stay overnight and use the chain of hotels. Everyone who leaves here goes to refuel cars at gas stations, where people ate lunch. This significantly increases our economy,” Martins said.

The Festa das Cucas featured 13 bakeries in Santa Cruz do Sul and Vera Cruz. In addition, there were 23 exhibitors at the show, as well as other gastronomic opportunities and breweries. Part of the amount raised at the Festa das Cucas is donated to the Santa Cruz Hospital.


Chimarrita is Queen Cook 2022

The wait for Festa das Cucas begins a few weeks before the festival. On May 24, Padaria Prich won the Chef of the Year election. The flavor is called Chimarrita because, according to the creators of the recipe, “the taste dances in the mouth.” As of the end of yesterday, about 3,000 Queens had already been sold. “We offer the public a tea made from star anise, cloves and cinnamon. The sugar crystals in the cookie are bathed in this tea. We also created a playlist on Spotify so that the client can find a match with Rayna. We want to give away not only a cookie, but also an experience,” Prich said of PR Laura Nobre.

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The best cookie of the year is orange, condensed milk and mint. According to Laura, the recipe came from a dream of the chef who prepared the dish. Fearing discredit, the creator did not tell her colleagues that while she was sleeping, three ingredients came to her mind. However, she reproduced the recipe and the dream came true, winning the best cookie of 2022.

Health bus vaccinated more than 200 people

Those who walked through the Oktoberfest park over the weekend were able to update their Covid-19 and flu immunization booklet. On Sunday, 191 people received a dose of one of the two vaccines by 4:30 pm.

As the mobile structure was parked at the site on Saturday as well, nurses say more than 200 patients took the opportunity to get vaccinated. A succession of rainy days and the lack of time for most of the workers during the week made many look for a bus.


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