Festival Brasil Sabor da Abrasel MS is the best choice for connoisseurs of good gastronomy

Festival Brasil Sabor da Abrasel MS is the best choice for connoisseurs of good gastronomy

The 16th edition of the Brasil Sabor Gastronomy Festival, hosted by Abrasel MS, sponsored by Sebrae/MS and Fort Atacadista, promotes the bar and restaurant sector in the state, celebrating culinary diversity with dishes that highlight the flavors of our gastronomy.

For the president of Abrasel MS, Giuliano Wertheimer, the participation of state-owned restaurants testifies to the quality of our gastronomy. “Gastronomic experiences create emotional memories, and the quality of our food has made our state’s cuisine even nationally known.”

Pizza da Mama - Festival Brasil Sabor da Abrasel MS is the best choice for connoisseurs of fine cuisine
Tres Lagoas: Mom’s Pizzeria – Beautiful Mary– Photo: Disclosure

The president of Abrasel MS also highlights the participation of the public in the Festival. “The public is waiting for the festival both for the quality and for the opportunity to taste different flavors, especially at this important moment in the recovery of the sector. He will definitely be successful again.”

In the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, 40 institutions in the cities of Campo Grande, Tres Lagoas, Bonito, Dorados and Corumba take part in the festival.

Serving an unusual alligator drumstick, businesswoman Amanda Claudia do Nascimento Migueis of the Migueis restaurant in Corumba highlights the strengthening of the industry thanks to the festival. “This Abrasel MS event here in Corumba is important to further strengthen our category in bringing together and bringing more projects to our city of Pantanal.” Amanda also remembers the importance to the industry in the wake of the pandemic’s hardships. “The importance of the Brasil Sabor project is that it aims to further unify our category of restaurants in the post-pandemic reopening so that customers can safely and happily return to the restaurants they visit and experience the products and services available here. inside the restaurant,” he mused.

Marruá - Festival Brasil Sabor da Abrasel MS - the best choice for connoisseurs of good gastronomy
Bonito: Marruá Restaurant – Papadelle with Shark and Prawns (Photo: advertising)

Taking part in 10 editions, Silvio Trujillo of Marruá Restaurante is participating in two venues this year: in Marruá itself, where he presents Papardelle with Charque and shrimp, and Boca da Onça Ecotur, which serves a vegan version of moqueca, Moqueca de Chickpea. “This is the 10th edition I’m on with Marruá Restaurante, now also with Boca da Onça Ecotur, and I’m an unconditional fan of Brasil Sabor precisely because of the paradigm shift, this breaking of standards and the glorification of this sector of eating out. that creates so many jobs and stimulates so many businesses,” he praised.

Silvio enhanced the distinctions of the Festival. “The Brasil Sabor festival, in addition to being the most comprehensive of the Brazilian festivals promoted by Abrasel, is also the most popular where there is no regulation or standardization of these dishes, that is, it can be regional, it can be modern, it can be dessert, ice cream , it doesn’t have to be from a famous chef, it just has to exist. So, Brasil Sabor contemplates the variety of establishments in our Brazil, be it a pub or a five-star restaurant, all of which are contemplated by this wonderful, popular festival that celebrates our gastronomy.”

Rodeio Pantanal - Festival Brasil Sabor da Abrasel MS - the best choice for connoisseurs of good gastronomy
Corumba: Rodeo do Pantanal – Peixe Mori (Photo: advertising)

For the Brasil Sabor Festival, Abrasel MS sponsors Sebrae/MS and Fort Atacadista, who understand the importance of investing in actions that move the sector and offer culinary opportunities for the people of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Fort Atacadista National Marketing Manager Gustavo Custodio noted that the festival is driving business development across the state. “Sponsoring the largest gastronomic festival in the world is a great opportunity, since our consumer audience is, in addition to individual clients, the owners of bars, restaurants, kiosks and eateries, forming public opinion not only in the capital, but also in the “We believe that one one of the pillars of the Fort is to promote the development of small businesses by contributing to the development of local communities,” he said.

Dia Santo - Festival Brasil Sabor da Abrasel MS is the best choice for connoisseurs of good gastronomy
Dourados: Dio Santo Pizzeria – Filet a Gorgonzola (Photo: advertising)

Sebrae/MS technical analyst Wexley Lima praised the partnership between the two companies. “Abrasel is an organization that represents food companies outside the home and is dedicated to developing the sector. Like Sebrae, whose goal/mission is to “turn small businesses into protagonists of sustainable development in Brazil”, partnerships between organizations in action are fundamental to enable opportunities to improve the transformation of MMPs into food in Mato Grosso. do Sul. ‘”.

Wexley also mentioned the high value of the entire food chain outside of the home via Brasil Sabor. “The Brasil Sabor Festival is an event that has already taken root in the Brazilian gastronomic calendar. For our state, this is not only a very important action to improve the regional gastronomic culture, but also a tool for advertising companies in this sector. In addition to attracting customers to try the dishes of participating houses,” he said. “Sebrae’s support at the festival is important as it is an out-of-home food chain assessment event aimed primarily at MSE in the food segment, which is one of the most important in generating jobs and income,” concluded Sebrae/ MS Analyst .

domus - Festival Brasil Sabor da Abrasel MS is the best choice for connoisseurs of good gastronomy
Campo Grande: Domus Bistrot – Fettuccine with Cameroon (Photo: advertising)

Considered the world’s largest gastronomic festival, Brasil Sabor is being held in hybrid mode for the second year in a row. The format allows customers to try dishes in person or at home by ordering delivery. During the entire event, the price of prepared dishes will be promotional. Consumers can also engage with the festival by posting photos of their orders with the #Brasilsabor2022 hashtag.

At MS, it runs from May 12 to June 5. To find out which institutions are participating, visit www.brasilsaborms.com.br

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