Find out how thermogenic helps your health and how to use it safely

Find out how thermogenic helps your health and how to use it safely


Find out how thermogenic helps your health and how to use it safely June 10, 2022

Find out how thermogenics work, how a supplement helps your health, what is the best thermogenic and how it works in the body!

There are many nutritional supplements available today to help us take better care of our health, lose or maintain weight, and many other self-care goals. One such supplement is thermogenic, ideal for burning fat and boosting metabolism. However, it’s not always easy to figure out which thermogen is best and how it helps your health, right?

With that in mind, we’ve broken down the basic information about this supplement and how to use it safely in order to reap its benefits, check it out:

How does a thermogenic help health?

Much has been said about the effect of thermogenics on our body. But did you know that when used correctly, in combination with a balanced diet and physical activity, thermogenics are very helpful for our health, especially for those who are physically active.

When we need extra energy and metabolism to work faster to lose weight, we have several substances that we can resort to, such as caffeine, capsaicin, which gives a spicy taste to peppers and others. However, it’s easier to boost all of them with just one capsule, isn’t it? That’s how a thermogenic works!

This supplement helps health in several ways such as:

  • Promotes fat burning

To effectively lose weight, you first need to lose weight. This goal is achieved only when the metabolism is accelerated, a role that the thermogenic performs with skill. The supplement helps to increase the body’s calorie expenditure and metabolism, enhancing the results of a balanced diet and exercise.

  • Improve your physical performance

Maintaining physical performance is one of the best ways to make your workouts work. Mainly responsible for this action in a thermogenic supplement is caffeine, which acts directly on the central nervous system and helps you train with more intensity and breath.

In addition, the thermogenic supplement contains antioxidants present in various substances such as caffeine and capsaicin, which will optimize your muscle and body recovery for your next workouts.

  • Helps in the process of losing weight

Along with all these benefits and body heat production, the thermogenic supplement aids in the weight loss process. Of course, as long as its use is associated with exercise and a healthy diet. Some of the nutrients present in the supplement also have diuretic properties, eliminating fluid retention.

But what exactly is thermogenic?

Even knowing that a supplement has several benefits for our health, we don’t always know what the concept or formulation is, do we? Thermogenic is a supplement aimed at boosting your metabolism, energy production and fat burning, with the function of improving mood thanks to its ingredients that can be caffeine, synephrine, capsaicin and other nutrients. The best thermogenic product is one that uses these ingredients as a base and others if they are made by Anvisa.

How does a thermogenetic work in our body?

Having understood the benefits of thermogenic supplements for our health, it is quite normal to have doubts about how this supplement works in our body. In short, thermogenics increase our body temperature as well as our heart rate, which gives us more energy and an inclination to exercise.

Thus, the blood circulates better and faster throughout the body, expanding the veins and increasing mobility. Therefore, by doing this, you increase your calorie expenditure and become more alert and energetic for exercise.

Are there thermogenic products?

To improve the results of the supplement, we can also use products that have a thermogenic effect. They are ideal for maintaining proper metabolism and offer other health benefits as well. Some of these foods or drinks, for example:

Green tea is one of the most famous teas, perfect for those who want to do away with fluid retention and need a little help to lose weight. In addition, the drink improves digestion and has antioxidant properties that prevent the action of free radicals. Green tea is considered thermogenic because it combines caffeine and catechin, two ingredients that give you more energy day in and day out.

Black pepper is considered a culinary delicacy that also aids digestion and contains several biologically active compounds that help speed up metabolism as well as thermogenics. The substance responsible for this effect is called piperine and is found in several types of peppers.

Just as black pepper has health benefits and is thermogenic, red pepper is a natural source of capsinoids, a substance that increases thermogenesis in your body. Ideal to combine with a supplement and you will see big changes in your health in the medium term.

Guarana, a typical Amazonian fruit, is also considered an excellent thermogenic that acts directly on the central nervous system, bringing more energy and mood. Its action is very similar to that of caffeine, and we can find guarana powder in several thermogenic supplements on the market.

Can anyone use a thermogenic?

We know that thermogenics provide health benefits and improve the results of your exercise and a balanced diet. However, like any other supplement, it has some contraindications as well as cautions when taking it alone. Each organism works differently, so they need to be evaluated individually.

As a general rule, children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with kidney, thyroid, diabetes, or heart problems should avoid taking the supplement without consulting a doctor. Those who suffer from insomnia should take care of the dosage and use on their own, as the dose of caffeine used in thermogenics can exacerbate this problem.

Thus, not everyone can use a thermogenic. It is extremely important to talk to your trusted doctor about the supplement, just use it after the advice of a professional.

With the help of a doctor, you can analyze which ingredients of the supplement and whether they are all produced by Anvisa, because, unfortunately, some brands still use high-risk substances in their formulas. Thus, you protect your health from serious side effects or other problems.

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