Fishermen can be rewarded for garbage collected at sea in the SP

Fishermen can be rewarded for garbage collected at sea in the SP

Shrimp anglers in the state of Sao Paulo will be able to get paid for the garbage they collect from the sea. The initiative, launched by Fundação Florestal this Wednesday (6), is part of the Mar Sem Lixo Payment for Environmental Services (PSA) project. Rewards for this Phase 1 will be allocated to fishermen who operate in the three Marine Protection Areas (APAs) – South Coast, Central Coast and North Coast – in the municipalities of Kanania, Itanham and Ubatuba. It is expected that the project will later be extended to other municipalities on the São Paulo coast.

Interested fishermen must register by May 5th at APA Headquarters (find out more on how to register here). The initiative provides for food card payments of up to 600 reais. The amount of the transfer will depend on the amount of monthly garbage collection by the fishermen. Reception points for waste taken from the sea will be available to receive garbage.

In addition to payment for environmental services, the project includes three more aspects: environmental education and communication; monitoring, evaluation and research; and partnerships for the sustainability and expansion of the project.

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