From north to south: see Brazil’s top June festivals

From north to south: see Brazil’s top June festivals


June festivals are held in five regions of Brazil.

June festivals are held in five regions of Brazil.

Originally created to celebrate the three saints of June – Santo Antonio (13th), San Juan (24th) and San Pedro (29th) – the June festivities begin to occupy the cultural agenda of Brazil from today (10th ). From north to south, the cities invite their population and tourists to typical holidays surrounded by regional music, traditional seasonal dishes in programs that take place throughout the month.

In the list below, you can find ten destinations with traditional June festivals that are perfect for celebrating the month in Brazil.


Known as the capital of forro and the owner of a party known as “The Biggest and Best São João in the World”, Caruara is betting on “São João do Reencontro” in 2022. Throughout June, the city hosts events and various attractions to the sounds of forro, hote, bayan and maracatu.

The São João de Caruara 2022 program has many free attractions that appreciate the artistic and cultural manifestations of the region, as well as famous national artists.

The main stage is at Pátio de Eventos Luiz Gonzaga and the party will run until July 2nd.


Caruaru’s contender for the title of “The Biggest and Best São João in the World” is known for its big open-air festivals in June. In the sixth month of the year, Campina Grande transforms into a large village, where artists of different genres perform, as well as typical dances and local cuisine.

São João de Campina Grande traditionally fills the Parque do Povo square in the city centre. On such occasions, there is even room for a forro dance in a train carriage, a tourist attraction known as the “Forrozeira Locomotive”, which has seven carriages and seats 800 people.

This year’s Campina Grande party started yesterday (10th) and will run until July 10th after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. In this edition, the event will be dedicated to the singer Jenival Lacerda, who died as a result of covid-19 in 2021.

SAN LUIS (Massachusetts)

In June, the Maranhao capital is full of popular demonstrations and the two main events are Bumba Meu Boy and the June Maranhao Festival. It is also a period when local artists, folklore groups and cultural manifestations typical of the city stand out, amounting to up to 200 artistic attractions.

In the program for this period, one of the highlights is the “San João no Bairro”, which are festivals in the districts and communities with performances of bumba meu boi, quadrilla, kacuria, Creole tambourine and other attractions.

Ministry of Tourism/Roberto Castro

The June festival in San Luis will feature some 200 art attractions.

The June festival in San Luis will feature some 200 art attractions.

In 2022, Maranhao will have 60 days of celebration with over 500 June rides featured in over 70 fairs across the state.


Still northeast, the city of Mossoro in Rio Grande do Norte markets its party as “The World’s Most Cultural São João”.

During June, the city of Potiguar presents entertainment for all tastes, including musical performances, forro circus, square dances, humorous festivals, food and craft fairs, and theatrical performances. This year, the city is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Mossoró Cidade Junina and is celebrating this celebration with the resumption of the face-to-face celebration.


Maracanau also hosts a big party and is a good option for those planning to visit Fortaleza in June. In a city of 230,000 people, a mega-structure has been created for the month’s program, which will include a collective civil wedding, a June dance festival, a quadrilhodrom, impromptu concerts and concerts by national artists.

This year, after the resumption of the pandemic, the city opened up a democratic space without exclusive divisions, such as cabins.


Forró Caju is Sergipe’s biggest June festival and hosts several local and national attractions. In addition to six days of musical performances at the Hilton Lopes Events Square, between the Central Markets, the June program, which will run until June 29, will include the Forro Forum, the Sergipano Folk Track and the Giunino Circle.

The city’s June programs also include São João na Praça.

BELEM (Pennsylvania)

In the northern region, the Pará capital, Belém, represents the Arraial da Nossa Gente promoted by the City Hall. The celebration takes place from 15 to 30 June at Valdemar Enrique Square in the Reduto district.

At this festival alone, there will be about 40 groups of quadrilles and melodies, parafolklore, birds of June, animal strings and carimbos. For the first time in ten years, the June festival will take place on the square.


In the capital city of São Paulo, the biggest attractions in June are the fairs. In São Paulo, June celebrations take place throughout the city, most of which are organized by cultural centers and churches.

At these small parties, the biggest attraction are typical food stalls such as hominy, pamonya, crazy meat sandwich, focaccia, pizza, pine nuts and kentao. In addition to church fairs, places like CTN (Centre for Northeastern Traditions) also host celebrations.


In the Midwest, the Corumba party in Mato Grosso do Sul is worth highlighting. The celebration includes a procession of floats and the baptism of São João in the waters of the Paraguay River, an act that since last year has held the title of cultural and intangible heritage of Brazil.

The party, which begins on June 22, revives the origins of Corumba and takes place in a special place known as the capital of the Pantanal.

LAGES (South Carolina)

In the south of Brazil, in the city of Lajes, in Santa Catarina, the Festa Nacional do Pinhão takes place, which is taking place for the 32nd time this year.

The program runs from 10 to 19 June at the Conta Dinheiro Exhibition Park. In addition to national shows, the event promotes “Sapecadas da Canção Nativa and Serra Catarinense”, one of the largest nativist music festivals in Latin America.


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