From social media to Akko: Juliana and Kelly’s love breaks down the barriers of distance

From social media to Akko: Juliana and Kelly’s love breaks down the barriers of distance

It all started on social media, with one trying to heal from “elbow pain” and another offering a friendly shoulder. Between chats, daily kinship discoveries, and many nights spent together via videoconference, administration student Juliana Maya and nurse Kelly Linhares woke up in a serious relationship that goes far beyond friendship and has the blessing of family.

The initial distance was not a problem for girls who forcibly used technology in favor of relationships. It’s hard to count how many hours on the phone, in video conferences and in love messages. “But they always had the will to live together. We began to meet at a distance, and I took the initiative to go there, in real life, with a bouquet of flowers in my hands, ”he said.

Yuliana arrived unexpectedly, with an act ready to rip out the heart of a miner girl. “I was sure it would be her! I already had in mind that I want to make a surprise, but I did not know what. So, together with Igor, her best friend, I bought a bouquet of red roses, a couple of rings with our name and the date of our acquaintance and hid in the room until she came, ”he recalled.

“It was funny because she cried a lot. I pretended to part with her in order to have an excuse to go from Acre to Minas so that she would not know about the surprise. It took me 24 hours to get there,” Yuliana said. Watch the surprise video:

After such an attitude of a woman from Acre, a woman from Minas was carried away by true love. Today they live in Rio Branco, they live with Juliana’s mother and don’t know what it’s like to face prejudice because of a homosexual relationship. “Her family accepts it and I love her family. My mom loves her even more than me (laughs). My mother does everything for her, she is very attached and she likes to be with us,” says Yuliana.

Fortunately, love, little by little, breaks down the barriers of prejudice! And it’s worth remembering that Kelly’s passion isn’t just for his girlfriend, oops, fiancee, because he already has a ring and all. Akko cuisine has already become the heart of Minas Gerais, where takaki is indispensable.

Akko’s cuisine is Kelly’s second passion. Photo courtesy

Another positive aspect of Kelly and Juliana’s relationship is the preference for good dialogue when there is disagreement. “Dialogue always! In these more than three years of relationship, we never quarreled. We always say and think that whatever the other feels matters. We do not detract from each other’s feelings,” Acreana assured.

Happy moments. Photo courtesy

Live a happy life, take care of each other, value family relationships and friendship. This is how love is built, on solid ground, covered with happiness and harmony. And although everything happened “too quickly,” as Juliana herself admits, they will never let her go.

They don’t get discouraged. Photo courtesy

They have something to live for, and with the commitment and respect they show for relationships, may the journey always be with love. Just like Valentine’s Day, you can’t miss the announcement, keep your heart out!

From Juliana, an acreana with attitude, to Kelly, her lover:

“The fact that Kelly is with me is the confidence that after a tiring day I can cuddle, stroke my knees. She makes sure everything goes well, she brings me peace and brightens up my darkest days, when something good or bad happens, I want to tell her soon… I am very lucky to have her with me. She is the sun.”

From Kelly in love with Akko to her love Juliana:

“Having Juliana in my life represents courage, strength, gratitude, perseverance, love, empathy…because relationships are not easy, especially considering the distance between Minas and Akko. We overcome this difficulty every day, because one works on one side, the other on the other, and we water our love day by day to make it work. Having Juliana with me teaches me daily how to be better, and I hope she also learns from me how to be better. Before I met her, I didn’t know what true love was.”

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