Hassan Gastrobar arrives in Brasilia, bringing together the best of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine.

Hassan Gastrobar arrives in Brasilia, bringing together the best of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine.

On the menu, options such as shrimp kafta and raw salmon kibbe promise to wow the crowd. The establishment also has a list of new drinks and a live program with DJs and belly dancing.

A creative and inventive cuisine where dishes traditionally prepared with typical ingredients are deconstructed and presented in an innovative way. This is an offer from Hassan Gastrobar, a restaurant that opened last Saturday (16th) in Brasilia, bringing together the best of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine.

Gastrobar Hassan, located on CLS 404, will surprise the public with unparalleled entry options to the federal capital, such as shrimp kafta (45 reais), raw salmon kibbe (55 reais) and kibbe with ribs (45 reais). Delicious salads also promise to be good choices, such as à moda da casa (R$ 33), made with various leaves, parmesan flakes, roasted almonds, orange and curd sauce, or octopus salad (R$ 55), served with potatoes, capers and cherry. tomatoes and pickled red onions.

In terms of main courses, Hassan Gastrobar offers traditional oversized esfirras with meat and cheese flavors (45 reais), as well as more sophisticated dishes such as octopus with baked potatoes and pistachio butter (140 reais); parmesan and chickpea gnocchi with lamb ragout (75 reais); tagliatelle with seafood, tomato puree and almond pangratato (65 reais), boneless parmigiana ribs (90 reais) and much more.

The chef in charge of Hassan is André Amorim, already well known in Brazil, who signs menus at restaurants such as Jijoca, Camarão Burguer, Bioon and La Rubia Café. According to him, the hallmark of Hassan Gastrobar will be the combination of proven ingredients from two very traditional cuisines. “We strive for innovation with flavors that the public already loves,” he says.

unpublished drinks

Hassan Gastrobar also offers a wide selection of drinks, specialty beers and selected wines. Hasan’s mixologist Victor Quaranta explains that when creating exclusive drinks, he tried to work with fruity, floral ingredients, spices used in Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine. “We rely on ingredients such as Sicilian lemon, roses, pepper, saffron, spices, tea and a flawless presentation,” he says.

Hassan’s list of new drinks will feature the Orient Express with Cognac, Coffee, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Coffee B; Scheherazade with vodka, grapes, roses, syrio arrack, cynar, lemon and star anes; Mediterranean with gin, limoncello, basil, Sicilian lemon and drops of olive oil; Aladin with rum, smoked yellow pepper cordial, honey B, Sicilian lemon, served with mini peppers and honey, among others. The menu features classic options such as the Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic, Negroni, and more.

The public will be able to take the opportunity to extend the lunch time while enjoying a program that will include DJ performances and belly dancing.



A standalone attraction, the themed design inspired by Arabic and Mediterranean architecture promises to bring good clicks to those looking for an unforgettable experience. Right at the entrance to the Gastrobar, a large portal inspired by Arabic architecture with LED lighting is the highlight of the experience. The technical specialists Emanuel David and Marco Cipriano are responsible for the Hassan project.

Hassan Gastrobar

Address: CLS 404, Block A, Loja 1 – Asa Sul, Brasilia (DF)
Opening hours: Monday from 11:30 to 16:30; From Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30 to 00:00
Instagram: @hassangastrobar

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