Homemade Flavor: Learn How to Make Okra Wagner Chicken |  Income

Homemade Flavor: Learn How to Make Okra Wagner Chicken | Income

Wagner Leandro Missio is a truck driver based in Jardim Petropolis in Campinas (St. Petersburg). On one of his trips to Minas Gerais, he tasted and learned a dish that never left his menu: okra chicken cooked by a Minas Gerais resident and “friend on the road,” as he calls it.

They often stop along the way to prepare meals using a “kitchen box”, which is a portable stove in a truck. “We stopped for lunch together, he cooked and I liked it. I learned and always do,” he says.

According to Wagner, the recipe is practical, easy to make, quick, and in one pot, which he said he liked very much. When he cooks for the family, he does it with pork rinds and themed dinners. She has a large family and last weekend there were at least 12 people in the house. “I don’t think I can even cook for multiple people,” he jokes.

After graduating with a degree in logistics, he said he would like to go into gastronomy. He likes to cook a lot, especially when he is stressed and to relax.

As a culinary secret, Wagner recommends using light beer for marinating chicken – “it helps with tenderness and seasoning.”

It’s also important to use plenty of lemon and sugar when sautéing the chicken so it turns golden brown without altering the flavor, he says.

Chicken with okra, a recipe from Minas Gerais taught by Wagner Leandro Missio. — Photo: Eulampio Vianna Neto

Wagner Okra Chicken

  • 1.5 kg chicken
  • 1 bulb
  • 6 garlic cloves
  • 100 g bacon
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 can of corn
  • 1/2 chili pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 cup beer
  • 2 cups of rice
  • 1 tablespoon pork fat
  • 1 tray of okra
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • saffron to taste
  • paprika to taste
  • salt to taste
  • smell of greenery
  • Season the chicken with salt, paprika, black pepper and half a cup of beer. Leave to marinate for two hours
  • In another bowl, chop the okra and season with lemon, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Put the lard in a saucepan and let it melt, then add the sugar.
  • Cook the chicken so it browns slowly and doesn’t release too much water.
  • When it is well fried, add the garlic and onion and let it simmer a little.
  • Add maidenhair, smoked paprika, saffron and lemon juice.
  • Mix well, add bacon and corn. Fry everything, stirring constantly to add flavor.
  • Add the tomatoes, okra and, without stirring too much, add the rice.
  • Adjust the salt and, still on high heat, wait until the rice is almost dry and opens small holes to allow water to flow all over the stew.
  • Reduce heat and wait for it to dry. When rice is soft, add parsley and serve while still damp.

Chicken with okra taught by Wagner Leandro Missio. — Photo: Eulampio Vianna Neto

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