How to keep your house cool in summer – Idealista/news

How to keep your house cool in summer – Idealista/news

you do not know how to get rid of the heat who goes through Portugal? Is your body sweating too much? In the summer, a house in which there is no good thermal insulation may become uninhabited.

Unfortunately, this is an increasingly frequent problem, not only because of the high temperatures recorded in recent years, but also because of the energy poverty of our country. In this article, we want to help you soften the heat.

For this reason, we have put together a set How to keep your house cool in summer without air conditioning. These are good habits to put into practice over the next few days.

How to refresh the environment? Start with fresh produce

stubborn in use the oven or an oven for cooking even in summer? It’s one of the main reasons why you feel stuffy environment at home and with which you can quickly fight. what do you think about preparation fresh food?

It’s not just about a simple salad with lettuce and tomatoes, but more sophisticated dishes with fresh cheese, seitan, tofu, lentils or even seaweed. if you really like marine fragrance then you can have fun making sushi. Accompany these meals with delicious lemonade, orange juice or mint pineapple juice, always served with ice cubes.

Sprinkled the body and the house with water

Water should be your main ally during the hottest hours. actually you can Keep your body hydrated drink natural water or natural juice without a lot of sugar several times a day. You can also maintain the correct body temperature during splash water right on the skin.

how to ventilate the house in summer


This is a portable solution so you can always take it with you. Spray water everywhere cool the house in summer. After evaporation, you will feel a unique freshness in the air.

Change of bed linen to remove heat from the room

you really don’t know how to get heat out of a room summer? Do mosquitoes like to visit you at night when you leave your windows open?

change sheets in summer


begin with change bed linen for fresher, lighter fibers such as silk or cotton, and store very heavy polyester items – preferably in other parts of the house rather than in the bedroom. If this is not enough, use spray the bed with water or a neutral scent before bed.

Free the room from unnecessary items

The more things you have in the room, the more likely it is that heat accumulation. We recommend that you gradually shed unnecessary items of lesser sentimental value, which so often warm you and help to perpetuate the feeling. stuffy environment.

enjoy coolest night of the summer to get them out of your room. You have three options: throw them away when they get old, reuse them to create different decorations, or put them up for sale to earn some money for ice cream in the summer.

Rice bags on the bed and sofa

You certainly don’t know the bag of rice trick to cool the house in summer. Put the rice in a small bag in the freezer and after a few hours you can put it on the sofa, in the closets or even on the bed when you are ready to sleep.

Rice is much more effective than ice because it doesn’t get wet or fall off. stains on furniture.

Refrigerator and freezer use and abuse

Every house has a refrigerator and a freezer, and he can use them for update the house. You can use cold compresses which will relieve you of the heat as well as joint pain which is quite common this season.

ice cubes


You can even put sheets and pillowcases in the fridge or in the freezer for a while. Who knows, if you don’t even shiver from the cold, this trick can be so effective.

Placement of live plants everywhere

How many times have we told you that natural plants your best friends? There are plants that filter the air and prolong the freshness of various spaces in the home. Examples:

  • anthuriums;
  • Sword of Saint George;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • Lilies of the world;
  • boas;
  • dracaena;
  • begonias.

natural plants to refresh your home


prefers natural plants for home ventilation but be careful not to get too much sun as they can dry out or die. If you are short on space, you can create a vertical garden as a room divider and enjoy the flow. indoor ventilation.

Fan and ice are the best allies

Do you like use fans in summer is the air still hot? Could you put ice cubes in a glass in front of the fans and let the air circulate. If instead of small cubes you have a block of ice, you can put it in a saucepan. If the cold air disappears, the procedure will have to be repeated as many times as needed.

you also can put glasses with ice around the house and as the air circulates you will have more airy environment. You can add rosemary and lemon or orange slices to create a natural scent.

Paint the walls of the house white

AT bright colors help keep your house cool in summer and thus the walls do not heat up so much. you must paint the walls white, beige, yellow, lime green, peach, champagne or sky blue. These are more minimalistic styles, but they go well with any decoration type and furniture.

paint the walls white


More of the benefits bright colors at home it is the feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness they leave behind and the opportunity to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Arranging furniture and cabinets in the right places

it’s time make changes at home! After the walls are painted, start by arranging furniture and cabinets so they don’t block drafts. It is also important to place them in places with little sunlight so that fight the heat at home and don’t lose your color.

Those who live in drier areas may ventilate the house in summer when opening windows from opposite sides. If you live near highways or places with heavy pollution, open windows in time to avoid polluting the premises.

There are those who prefer not to open windows on summer days or even to install blackout curtains to best thermal insulation.

Spend more time alone at home in the summer

Who knew that our last offer for cool your house economically is to spend more time alone. During the summer, many of your family and friends go on vacation, so take advantage of your free time to enjoy a well-deserved rest and forget about the stress caused by workdays.

what to do to cool the house in summer


The more people in the house, the more intense the heat, so avoid it at all costs. You will not spend money on lunches and will finally be able to do what you love in solitude. Whether you’re watching a movie on your favorite streaming platform or reading a book, don’t forget ice cubesfan and lemonade are always there.

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