How to make a cake in minecraft

How to make a cake in minecraft

Cake is one of the Minecraft items that can be used to restore the player’s energy bar. However, you need to collect the right ingredients. Find out how to make a cake in Minecraft below.

Cakes in Minecraft can not only be used as food, but can also be found in buried chests or bought from certain vendors. Discover these and other interesting facts about food in this game for PC and mobile.

Ingredients for making a cake in Minecraft

To make a cake in Minecraft, you will need four items:

  • 3 buckets of milk;
  • 3 wheat;
  • 2 servings of sugar;
  • 1 egg.

What makes it difficult to make a cake in Minecraft is exactly the ingredients, as getting them takes some time and requires other processes along the way.

How to make a cake in Minecraft: use the ingredients to create food in the game (Build: Caio Carvalho)

For milk, you must first have three buckets of milk, which in turn are created from three iron ingots. Then find a cow and get milk three times.

Wheat in Minecraft can be obtained by planting seeds. Seeds are generated by destroying grass or stealing from small villages in the game worlds. Sugar is obtained from sugar cane, which grows on sandy blocks near water.

Finally, you get eggs from hens that lay eggs from time to time. If you have farm chickens this is easier as you just keep them in a pen and wait for them to lay their eggs. Otherwise, you will need to constantly follow the bird.

Features of cakes in Minecraft

Unlike most foods, cake in Minecraft cannot be consumed as an item on the heating bar. The item must also be placed on the stage as a regular block before being swallowed, and multiple players can eat from the same cake at the same time.

Warning: Placing a cake on the map will no longer allow it to be taken back to inventory. Therefore, ideally, put the cake only if you are going to eat it right there, precisely in order not to spoil the item.

Each cake made in Minecraft is made up of seven “pieces”, and each use consumes one piece of cake. Each piece restores 2 units. hunger and 0.4 units. saturation, which means that by eating a whole cake, you restore 14 units. hunger and 2.8 units. saturation.

candle cake

To decorate your cake, you even have the option to use a candle on top of the cake. The item does not change the main characteristics of the cake, but it can help in low light conditions, as cakes with lit candles emit level 3 light. Pressing directly on the candle will make it go out.

Candles can be added to decorate cakes in Minecraft (Build: Caio Carvalho)

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