How to make a chocolate cake from a blender: delicious and soft

How to make a chocolate cake from a blender: delicious and soft

Armação dos Búzios – RJ, 28 May 2022 by Priscila Livia – wants to know how to make chocolate cake from a blender? After all, the minutes and minutes spent with a cake mixer on can be demotivating! With that in mind, today Portal Sou de Palmas will show you how to make this recipe.

Learn how to make chocolate cake with a blender

This cake, loved by children and many adults, takes its rightful place on the table. However, because its traditional recipe is a little labor intensive, it is often left out.

In an effort to be practical, today you already have the perfect recipe for making chocolate cake with a blender. This way, you will save time, fatigue, and still be able to bake a fluffy cake if you follow the right recipe.

What you need to prepare the dough

Learn how to make a chocolate cake using a blender - Image Canva Pro
Learn how to make a chocolate cake with a blender – Image Canva Pro

To make a small cake, you will need a spoonful of powdered chocolate or cocoa, two cups of wheat flour, a glass of liquid milk, a glass of butter, two eggs and a tablespoon of baking powder.

A cup is equivalent to two hundred and forty ml, so you can also use other items containing this dosage and then measure out the right amount with them.

cake cooking

First, grease the mold in which the cake will be baked. To do this, make a layer of butter or oil and all that, and then sprinkle some wheat flour and spread the mold, moving until no part is exposed.

For your cake, you’ll start by getting a blender and then putting in the butter first, then the eggs, the chocolate, and finally the milk. Then turn on the blender and blend until smooth.

Then add sugar and flour and beat again until you get a dough. If necessary, you can help by stirring with a spoon. At the end, add baking powder and mix gently.

Precautions during preparation

Since yeast is the living substance responsible for the growth of the cake, if you mix it in a blender, it will die. Therefore, it is very important that they are gently mixed.


Your dough is already perfect, so you can send it to the oven. To do this, pour it into a greased form, and then turn on the oven at 180º for about thirty-five minutes.

To be sure, when the cake is done, you can pierce it with a fork. So if when you pierce the fork it comes out clean, that’s a sign that the pie is done. However, do this in the middle of the cake because it takes the longest time to bake.