how to make caramel recipe

how to make caramel recipe

Sugar, melted to caramel, is not only suitable for dessert. When used properly, it also improves texture and balances the flavor of savory dishes. A good trick test recipe is a chicken leg.

First, season the chicken with garlic, ginger, pepper, lemon, and salt. Then the pieces are sent to the pan to brown in caramel, and then boil in vegetable broth.

Designer and chef Rangel Egidio, who step by step Ourit is written there:

It’s affordable and easy to do. It’s very tasty and juicy.”

Coxinha no caramel - Rangel Egidio - Rangel Egidio

Coxinha no caramel: served with rice and okra

Image: Rangel Egidio

Caramelized chicken, which pairs well with white rice or hominy, can be played with other poultry cuts of your choice—just be careful not to brown the meat.

“I learned about this recipe from my mom and every time I make it for friends or family it is a hit. It looks like a lot of people (vaccinated) have gathered together and are laughing out loud.”

Check out the full recipe by clicking on the image below:

Chicken leg in caramel

Easy difficulty

4 servings

80 min

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Cook, eat, share

A designer by trade, Rangel Egidio has a passion for the kitchen. To this day, at 45, he can’t forget the smell of the wood-burning stove in his grandmother’s house, his father’s beans and his mother’s stew.

photo rangel "with filter": cooking as pleasure and affection - Personal archive - Personal archive

Photo Rangel “with a filter”: cooking as a pleasure and tenderness

Image: Personal archive

From the age of 13, the São Paulo native, who was born in Itapira and now lives in Campinas, has been given some autonomy over his pans. “My mom used to go to work and leave me food to warm up when I get home from school.”

“In this routine, which lasted for several years, my curiosity grew along with responsibility. I already had to fry the steak, season the salad, prepare the sauce … “

Throughout life, food has become the link of many relationships. “It connects people through feelings, aromas, tastes, textures and sounds…”

When I see my kids watching me in the kitchen, I remember when I was a kid watching those who cooked before me.”

In addition to running an oven at home for family and friends and posting pictures of some recipes on social media, Rangel sells naturally fermented bread.

Ya Cumin - Personal archive - Personal archive

He has been selling naturally fermented bread at Sou Cumin since 2015.

Image: Personal archive

“I started with a challenge and always took bagels to lunches and barbecues. Since everyone liked it, I decided to create a company to sell.”

This year, this serious hobby, known as “Sou Cumin”, turns 7 years old. Orders for delivery or withdrawal are made through Instagram.

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