How to make delicious homemade sponge cake

How to make delicious homemade sponge cake

Discover fantastic unique tips and tricks for a homemade cookie cake you’ve never tasted before! Note.

We’ve probably all eaten sponge cake before. But a good cookie cake is rarer. Some are soft. Others cause nausea. Others dry up. Others are tasteless. The explanation for this is in the recipe or its creator.

So, in order for you to be able to make a homemade cookie cake, but full of “colors”, we have put together some valuable tips and suggestions for you, in addition to a recipe, the exact observance of which is synonymous with guaranteed success. I do not believe? So, try and enjoy with your family or friends.

Golden rules for delicious homemade biscuit cake

One way to get a more palatable biscuit cake is to make the cream more uniform and therefore easier to spread. To do this, add two tablespoons of milk or Philadelphia cheese. Amazing, no?

homemade biscuit cake
How to make delicious homemade sponge cake


There are many more versions of this cake that vary from region to region and taste to taste.

It is usually made from Maria cookies. However, few people imagine that this is a recipe of British origin. In 1874, this cake was created by an English baker in honor of Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna. Since then, the dessert has spread to several countries, but it is most popular in Portugal, like the cookie itself.


This is a quick and easy treat that features a coffee-soaked biscuit as the base, punctuated with delicious layers of buttercream. For another cream, two teaspoons of vanilla extract or pod can be added as it immediately has a very distinct aroma.

homemade biscuit cake
How to make delicious homemade sponge cake


It is very important to put the cake in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Only in this way the cream will be very hard, and the taste of the cake will not become cloying.

strong coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, try pouring a few scoops of coffee into the cream before spreading it on your cookies. Thus, you will get a biscuit cake with a richer coffee flavor.

homemade biscuit cake
How to make delicious homemade sponge cake


Before serving, take care of serving and grate some Maria cookies and then spread them on the cake. You can grate thicker or thinner, according to your taste. If you don’t have a way to grate, you can “crush” them by hand. The kids will love it, and the result is rustic and very crunchy.

alcoholic drink

If the dessert is meant for adults only, then you can also try adding an alcoholic drink, such as brandy, whiskey or rum, preferably when making the cream. Intense and also very pleasant taste.

homemade biscuit cake
How to make delicious homemade sponge cake
How to make delicious homemade sponge cake

Waffle cake

How to make delicious homemade sponge cakePaula Miranda

Use all the tricks and tips we have taught you and learn how to cook this recipe like a real chef! Make the best homemade cookie cake you’ve ever tasted.

Installation time thirty minutes

cooking time four hours

Dish Dessert

Kitchen Portuguese

portions eight People

calories 451 kcal

  • 350 gram oils
  • 200 gram brown sugar
  • 200 ml coffee
  • 3 gems egg
  • two packages maria cookies
  • – Start by placing all the ingredients listed next to you as available.

  • – First, beat the butter for 5 minutes.

  • – Then add sugar and beat for another 5 minutes.

  • – At the end, add the yolks.

  • – Then beat again for another 5 minutes. To book.

  • – After that, soak the biscuits and quickly put them in the coffee.

  • – Do the same with the others, one by one. Arrange cookies on a plate.

  • – Throughout the process, form a flower on a large shallow plate.

  • – Then spread the reserved buttercream in a thin layer.

  • – Make successive layers of wet biscuits in coffee butter cream.

  • – Repeat process: layer until you have only 5 cookies left.

  • – Then finish with a layer of buttercream.

  • – Then crush the 5 cookies you reserved.

  • Then decorate the cake.

  • – Then refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

  • – Enjoy it!

Calories: 451kcalCarbohydrates: 35gramProtein: onegramThick: 37gramSaturated fat: 23gramPolyunsaturated fats: twogramMonounsaturated fats: tengramTrans fats: onegramCholesterol: 98mgSodium: 372mgPotassium: 36mgFiber: onegramSugar: 29gramVitamin: 1099interfaceCalcium: fourteenmgIron: onemg

Keyword homemade biscuit cake

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homemade biscuit cake
How to make delicious homemade sponge cake


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