How to make lasagna with chicken and bechamel

Lasagna of all kinds is famous in Italian cuisine and has spread widely throughout the world because of its distinctive and wonderful taste, loved by all. Layers of lasagna pieces stuffed with meat or chicken and vegetables, and here we cook it in detail and step by step.
Preparing the lasagna filling
Three medium chicken breasts. Big bulb. Cut carrots into small squares or chop. Mushroom box. Cut large sweet peppers into squares. A cup of mozzarella cheese. Tablespoon of tomato paste. Large tomato, cut into small squares.

How to get ready

Bring the onion and then cut it into thin wings, then put it on the fire with a little vegetable oil, then add the chicken cut into small pieces, and then stir the chicken with the onion until the chicken changes color, then cover the pan with a lid. until chicken is cooked through, stirring occasionally. Add the bell peppers, carrots, and mushrooms to the chicken, stirring until all ingredients are combined. Then add the chopped tomatoes, then cover with the mixture until all the ingredients are fully cooked, and when it comes to the stage of maturity, add the spices and spices, as well as some green basil leaves, if you have them, as they give a characteristic flavor and aroma to the filling. Let it simmer until soft, then add the tomato paste and let cool at kitchen temperature until you have the rest of the ingredients ready.

Preparing the lasagna


Twelve slices of lasagna chips. A spoonful of olive oil. a pinch of salt

How to get ready

Put some water on the fire until it boils then add salt and olive oil then put the lasagna slices and don’t stack them on top of each other then bring a cooking tray and put a layer of oil or butter and brush it well and then put a layer of lasagna, then a small layer of bechamel, and then a layer of filling and distribute it well, and you can put mozzarella cheese with each layer, repeat the layers again only so that the last layer is a bechamel of medium density, then apply the cheese layer on the face. Preheat the oven to high, then reduce it to the middle and insert the lasagne pan for twenty minutes until done, then toast it until golden brown. Wait for it to cool down a bit, then slice it as desired.

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