How to prepare cheese pizza

pizza cheese
Pizza cheese is one of the main ingredients that you cannot do without when making pizza, the most important of which is mozzarella cheese, which is bought in the markets, but it is expensive, so it can be easily prepared at home. using readily available and simple ingredients, and it can also be used to make many other dishes besides pizza, such as pies and spaghetti dishes, and in this article, we will introduce a method for preparing the cheese used in making pizza, which is mozzarella cheese, except cheese with rennet and cheese with vinegar.

How to make cheese pizza

mozzarella cheese


Three quarters of a tablespoon of lemon salt. 1/4 teaspoon rennet (a substance that helps milk thicken) or white vinegar Three liters of whole milk. Device for measuring temperature.

How to get ready:

Dissolve lemon salt in 120 ml of warm water. Dissolve a quarter tablespoon of rennet in 60 ml of warm water. Mix lemon salt with milk in a bowl and heat the mixture to a temperature slightly below body temperature, i.e. up to 32 degrees Celsius. Pour the rennet into the milk mixture, stirring, and then cover the bowl with a lid for ten minutes. After ten minutes, we notice that the cheese has formed and stuck together, and we cut it into squares inside the bowl, and then heat it up to a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. Strain the cheese, then heat the whey until it boils (85°C). We put on gloves, take pieces of cheese and put them in hot whey for half a minute, then squeeze and knead until we feel that they have become rubbery and soft, and repeat this process with the rest of the cheese, taking care that the whey is hot. Place mozzarella in storage containers and refrigerate until used.

rennet cheese


liter of whole, pasteurized liquid milk. Half a rennet tablet (available from perfumers). Half a teaspoon of nigella.

How to get ready:

Put a liter of milk in a saucepan on the fire until it becomes warm. Crush half a rennet tablet, dissolve in a teaspoon of water, then add to milk along with black cumin. We continue to stir for about an hour, then dry it with a piece of clean cloth, and put it in any mold.

Vinegar cheese


Two liters of whole milk, pasteurized. Four teaspoons of white vinegar. Half a tablespoon of salt.

How to get ready:

Place the milk over medium heat, setting two tablespoons aside. Keep stirring until it reaches the boiling point. Add vinegar to the mixture and leave on fire until the milk separates from the water. Remove the milk clumps from the water and place them in a food processor, then add the salt and two tablespoons of liquid milk. Stir until you get a soft and creamy cheese.

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