Little church completes birthday celebration – Region

Little church completes birthday celebration – Region

With a 58-meter cake, Igrežinha completed this Sunday (12) the celebrations of the anniversary of the municipality, which turned 58 this month. The distribution of the cake, which was delivered to the public for free at Parque de Eventos Almiro Grings, Oktoberfest Park, was just one of the activities of the 6th edition of Igrejinha Mix, an event that started on Friday (10) .

It took about 200 liters of each filling to make a 58-meter cake.

It took about 200 liters of each filling to make a 58-meter cake.
Photo: Eduardo Amaral/GES Special

Giuliano Müller, secretary of the municipality for tourism and culture, noted the good audience that attended every day at the event, which was held again after being suspended in previous years due to the pandemic. “People crave agglomerations, we had rides for all ages. I think it’s time to be reborn,” the secretary stressed, recalling that in recent years the city’s slogan has been “Invent, rediscover and revive”, words derived from the name of the city, in particular the “RE” in the middle of the word.

In turn, Mayor Leandro Marciano Horlle emphasized the fundamental role of volunteers in the Igrejinha Mix and all anniversary celebrations. “The main milestone of this celebration is precisely this union in favor of the anniversary of the city.” During the three days of the event, Almiro Grings Park hosted several cultural and economic events. The show “Badin, Settler in the City” was the last cultural event.

congratulations and cake

Around 3:40 p.m., when the authorities started the performances in honor of Igregenha on the main stage, a few meters away, volunteers took care of a 58-meter cake filled with dulce de leche and brigadeiro. “Each topping was about 200 liters,” said 29-year-old confectioner Eder Barreto, who is responsible for making the commemorative cake.

A native of the city, the confectioner was distrustful of the possibility of making a symbol of the holiday of his homeland. “I saw it when I was a kid and I never thought I would make this cake one day, it’s nice even for being from the city.” Cake making started on Monday (6) and ended on Sunday.

Like the baker, Padaria Lanz owner Thiago Pereira was delighted that the winning company prepared a cake in honor of the municipality. “It’s a moment of great gratitude to be a part of this party, it’s something special for those who live here.”

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