Livraria Delta gets new coffee space at Passo Fundo Shopping

Livraria Delta gets new coffee space at Passo Fundo Shopping

Starting this week, another space for lovers of literature and coffee will appear at Passo Fundo Shopping: Renata Caetano Pâtisserie, a differentiated offer for a place dedicated to books inspired by the French patisserie, will open in Livraria Delta. The idea was to create an environment in the bookstore that would be even more welcoming for those who like to be among books, tasting the best French cuisine.

Renata Cayetano, who is in charge of coffee, explains that she has owned the patisserie since 2017, but now the new products have been designed with individual servings in mind, without departing from the origins of the French patisserie. “I want to bring a new way of serving tea and coffee to the mall and bookstore. In the French patisserie, tea in the best Ladurée style awaits you with traditional sweets and snacks,” he explains. Customers will have an immersive experience among the French menu and books, she says, especially since the space is Instagrammable and full of surprises.

The idea was also approved by Silvana Rovani, owner of Livraria Delta. For her, the union between coffee and books is a natural language for readers, so the offer has everything to be successful and attract even more customers. “We look forward to everyone who will share a lot of coffee besides books. The Renata Caetano Pâtisserie space is designed to make our environment even more special, where everyone can take the opportunity to read and enjoy a moment of calm,” he emphasizes.

Passo Fundo Shopping also had another innovation this week: the launch of the Cololido cotton candy machine, the first in Rio Grande do Sul. In this first semester, the company also announced Profhecia, BredCapas, Le Petit, Tudo Fácil Customer Service, Garapa’s Pastelaria and the reopening of Cachorrão do Claudão and Individuale.

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