Love and wine are in the air!  How to Pick the Perfect Wine for Valentine’s Day!

Love and wine are in the air! How to Pick the Perfect Wine for Valentine’s Day!

Wine is a romantic drink, when we think of a romantic dinner, wine always comes to mind first.

Choosing the perfect wine for a special occasion is a daunting task for many. I am always asked the question: “How to choose a good wine with value for money?” I’ll draw three different scenarios and you decide which one fits and I’m sure it will make an impression on Valentine’s Day.

1 – New to the world of wine

For beginners, I recommend starting with wines with more subtle aromas and flavors that don’t require a lot of pairings and are easy to drink. You must start from the very beginning. To gain knowledge and train your palate and brain, I recommend starting with single varietal wines, that is, wines made from only one grape variety. Let’s move on to the recommendations:

  • Pinot Noir – red wine, with its aromas of fresh red fruits, is better if it has not been aged in the forest, this wine can become a joke at your dinner if your companion chooses a fish or vegan dish, as Pinot Noir is very versatile and pairs very well with pasta, vegetarian and even fish dishes.
  • Chardonnay – white wine, a very versatile white grape variety, thanks to which wines can be tasted both in summer and in winter, depending on the method of vinification. For this case we are going to choose a winter white wine, this will be one in which the must has been in contact with the lees during processing, giving the wine more structure and body. In addition, a good option is Chardonnay wine, which is aged in oak barrels. How do I know? In most cases, this is written on the back label of the bottle.

2 – Intermediate level, already have some knowledge about wines

For those who are already at this second level of knowledge, the idea is to surprise your partner. This is a great opportunity to invest a little more in top quality wine. I recommend getting to know different grape varieties and different wine regions around the world. Knowledge in the world of wine is formed through tasting. Trust your gut, and since you know a little about your taste, let yourself be guided by it. Some suggestions:

  • Touriga Nacional – red wine, for lovers of full-bodied wines, intense flavors and expressive tannins. This variety from the Tao region of Portugal will be a great surprise for your dinner. I recommend pairing it with dishes that contain pork or beef, stews or mushroom risotto.
  • Riesling – white wine, if you are not familiar with this grape variety, it’s time to get acquainted with it, especially if Asian cuisine is on the dinner menu. It will also pair very well with the spicier Bahian cuisine. I recommend Riesling from Germany, Chile, Australia and France.

3 – Advanced professional level

At this stage, I believe that you have already tasted many wines, visited many wineries around the world, you already know your taste well and are at the stage where you want to try different things.

  • Berry – red wine, it’s time to try the most discussed variety at the moment. Hailing from the Bairrada region of Portugal, it produces wines of deep color, concentrated aroma and great aging potential. Pairs well with pork, grilled meats and pasta.
  • Red Bordeaux cut – the famous blend used in the wines of the Bordeaux region in France. Bordeaux red blend is made from at least two of the following grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Carménère and Malbec. The predominant varieties are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. These wines pair very well with lamb, duck, pork and veal.


  • Pinot Noir:
    • Rully La Chaume, 2018, Burgundy, France –
    • Casa Marin Litoral, Chile – Más Vino Shop

Decanter World Wine Awards 2022 – The result of the most famous wine competition in the world

The Decanter International Wine Competition is known as the largest and most influential wine competition in the world. The results of each issue serve as a guide for lovers of this drink. This year was the 19th edition of the competition. This latest edition broke the wine tasting record with around 18,244 wines from 54 countries judged.

within two weeks, 250 international experts, including 41 Master of Wine and 13 Master Sommeliers, formed a tasting committee. 50 wines were awarded in the category Best in Show (the best at the exhibition are awarded medals); 164 platinum medals, 677 gold medals, 5900 silver medals and 8074 bronze medals.


It is worth highlighting in this award the remarkable result of wines from South America, especially Argentina and Chile. Argentine wines have tripled their awards from 14 medals combined with Gold, Platinum and Best of Show in 2021 to 41 medals this year. The fruit of quality investments made by manufacturers over the past few years.

Highlight the following wines in the cost-benefit category:

  • Finca Sophenia, Altosur Malbec, Gualtallary, Tupungato, Mendoza 2021.
  • Morrisons, Gran Montaña Best Nature Reserve Malbec, Huco Valley, Mendoza 2020.
  • Pacheco Pereda, Strain Organic Fairtrade Cabernet Franc, Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza 2021.

Chilean wines broke the gold medal record with 22 in this category, 5 platinum and 2 in Best in Show. It stood out in the price/quality category, with a wide variety of grape varieties such as Carménère, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Carignan (from Maule) featured in the main award categories. Select the following wines:

  • Viña Tarapaka, Gran Reserva Blue Label, Maipo Valley 2020 (Best in Show)
  • Bisquertt, Crazy Rows Carignan, Maule 2020 (Best in Show)
  • Seal, Inspiración Montepulciano, Marchigue, Colchagua 2021 (gold)
  • Viña Leyda, Single Vineyard Kadún Sauvignon Gris, Leyda Valley, San Antonio, 2021 (gold)

Brazil did not stand aside from this competition: 16 wines were awarded in the category “Silver” with a focus on wines from the winter harvest and double trimming. Among those awarded:


  • Casa Geraldo Winter Harvest Gran Reserva Syrah, Serra da Mantiqueira.
  • Maria Maria, Graça Sauvignon Blanc, South Minas Gerais.
  • Sacramentos Vinifer, Sabina Sirha, Serra do Sudeste.
  • In the Bronze category, 54 Brazilian wines were awarded, including:
  • Villa Francioni, Lot VI Chardonnay, Planalto Catarinense.
  • Country Winery Zanotto Syrah, Campos de Cima da Serra.
  • Casa Valduga Gran Chardonnay, Serra Gaucha.

To access the full list, simply visit the Decanter magazine website

Le Jardin Bistro is a piece of France in the southwest of Brazil.

This was the tip you’ve been waiting for to order Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Recently opened in CLSW 301 Block A, ed. Espaço Vip, Loja 66, ground floor, southwest, Le Jardin Bistro offers the perfect combination of cuisine and French wines. The decor of the restaurant is reminiscent of traditional Parisian bistros. As for the food, it couldn’t be more true to French cuisine, with dishes very well prepared by Chef Thiago Santos. Highlight the steak tartare and beef bourguignon.

The map of French wines chosen by sommelier Marcia Cruz will impress any oenophile. Passionate about the world of wines, Marcia has already completed several courses such as the full professional sommelier course at ABS-RS, in addition to ISG, WSET, FWS, Conceptwine, CIAS Innovation – Centro Italiano di Analisi Sensoriali and Specialization in wines of Provence. She also organizes events such as couples dinners and wine courses.


The event called Amuse Bouche has already become a tradition in the city and is hosted by Le Jardin Bistrot in partnership with Importer Chez France. A six-course menu is usually offered, paired with great French wines filled with information and stories about the various French wine regions.

Another important event is the Dîner Français, where participants, in addition to tasting excellent wines paired with dishes prepared by Chef Thiago, also have the opportunity to practice their French.



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