Lula vows to create a ministry of indigenous affairs

Lula vows to create a ministry of indigenous affairs

Lula da Silva (PT), the Workers’ Party candidate for President of the Republic, said that if elected, he intends to create a ministry for indigenous affairs, headed by an indigenous representative. Lula was present at the Acampamento Terra Livre, the largest indigenous demand and resistance movement, on Tuesday morning (12) in Brasilia, where he heard the demands and criticism.

Visit of P.T. The camp included a plenary session in which he listened to the demands formulated by the Brazilian Indigenous Association (APIB) and its regional organizations, which can be read in his open letter to the former president. The claims are divided into 5 axes which consist of: territorial rights – demarcation and protection of indigenous territories; restoring spaces for social participation and control of indigenous peoples; rebuilding indigenous policies and institutions; interrupting the anti-indigenous agenda in the Federal Congress and the environmental agenda.

Lula then gave a speech in which he acknowledged that the Workers’ Party during its years in office “did not do everything that could be done” for the indigenous peoples, but regrets that what they have done has been dismantled by the current government of Bolsonaro. He then takes it upon himself to set up a ministry to deal with the problems of indigenous peoples.

“If we have created a ministry of social equality, human rights, a ministry of fisheries, then why can’t we create a ministry to discuss indigenous issues?” the crowd asks. The pre-candidate said that if elected, he would cancel everything that was done to the detriment of the indigenous peoples.

The meeting of the pre-candidate with the indigenous people can be seen in this video:

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