“Made with love”: the best cheese bread in Arash was chosen

“Made with love”: the best cheese bread in Arash was chosen

The first edition of the Competition for the best cheese bread in Arash was held this Saturday morning (14th). The competition, which brought together recipes from the four corners of the city, took place at the Festival Saberes e Sabores show kitchen, installed by the Andrade Júnior fountain in the Complexo do Barreiro. “The Cultural Foundation Acia (Facia) has always focused on preserving the identity of our people, so we have chosen a competition to appreciate the companies and people who produce our most traditional delicacies. We want good recipes to spread and be a legacy for all of us,” emphasizes Elisa Baiao Macedo, President of Facia.

At the qualifying stage, five judges, including technicians and culinary specialists, tried fourteen types of cheese bread that participated in this competition. They evaluated criteria such as taste, aroma, texture, shape and presentation. “We had excellent cheese bread, some of which showcased the use of selected ingredients and advanced production methods,” said Chef Ricardo Penna, one of the judges.

Based on the scores of the qualifying round, five types of cheese bread made it to the final and were judged by another technical jury consisting of chefs Ana Claudia, Marcia Nunez and Rosilene Campolina. They again rated the delicacies according to the same criteria. The results of the competition were announced at the end of the morning.

Best cheese bread in the Araxá competition


1st PLACE Adriana Cristina Guallardo Pereira – Café da Roça

2ND PLACE – Kitandas Elba Lobo

3rd place – Coffee house Bla-Bla-Bla


The great winner of the Arash Cheesy Bread Contest has relied on the traditional recipe she serves every day in her establishment. For Adriana Cristina Guallardo Pereira, the secret to champion cheese bread goes beyond good preparation and good ingredients. “This is a cheese bread made with great care. We are very pleased with this achievement and dedicate it to our customers,” he says.

For Chef Rosilene Campolina, competition is essential to the cuisine of Minas Gerais. “Today we chose the best cheese bread in the region, which, in fact, produces the best cheese bread in Minas Gerais. This movement is very relevant for gastronomy, which will certainly grow in the coming years and will bring a constant evolution to the cuisines of Minas Gerais,” he is sure.


The award for the best cheese bread in Arash was sponsored by Grupo Zema. Third place went to a set of baking sheets. Second, a aerogrill, and the first 28 liter oven. Prizes will be withdrawn from Zema stores.