One-way ticket: helicopter arbitrarily leaves the “trumpeters of the apocalypse” on top of PARNASO

One-way ticket: helicopter arbitrarily leaves the “trumpeters of the apocalypse” on top of PARNASO

Two men, armed with nothing more than trumpets and religious fanaticism, were dropped by helicopter to the Finger of God at an altitude of 1692 meters above sea level to sound the “trumpets of the apocalypse”. No, you’re not on some internet comedy site like Sensationalist. The madness perpetrated within the Serra dos Orgaos National Park, in the mountainous region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, is real – and it is causing a huge headache to the managers of the protected area, who did not authorize the operation of the helicopter in the ridge. Two unidentified “trumpeters” dressed in “Army of Christ” T-shirts remained at the summit on September 2 last year with tents but no climbing gear needed for those who wish to ascend (or descend). ) on top of the Finger of God – and they’ve been there ever since, as no helicopter has ventured back to pick them up and be identified by inspectors to answer for the breach. Despite eight days of wind, rain and cold, a source working in the park confirmed ((o))eco that they are alive and should descend from the summit this weekend with the support of a group of climbers who, depending on the weather, will climb Perst God’s.

The ICMBio official statement states that: “09/02/2021 ICMBio detected that an unauthorized flight of a manned helicopter took place over Dedo de Deus in PARNASO territory. [Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos]. At that time, it was not possible to obtain additional evidence and authorship due to the impossibility of identifying the aircraft at a great distance in the video filmed by the BR-116 monitor group. On 09/04/2021, visitors to Dedo de Deus reported that two people spent the night at the facility with materials and equipment. On the same day, various information was received on ICMBio through various channels, including videos of potential criminals practicing religious rituals on the top of Dedo de Deus. Due to non-compliance with the Park Management Plan rules and the serious risk to the safety of those involved in the violation, as well as other visitors (who in an authorized and scheduled manner visit this attraction), ICMBio has created a contact with the fire department (16th GBM / CBMERJ) and with the federal public ministry to organize response in case of incidents and prevent more serious events in the case.

“Given that the forcible removal of people from the top of the Dedo de Deus is an action that requires highly qualified teams and their own equipment, taking into account the serious risk associated with such a maneuver, and giving top priority to the safety of the teams and the perpetrators themselves, a decision was made jointly with 16th GBM – CBMERJ on non-coercive physical intervention on the spot, ”the note continues. The Environmental Protection Agency is currently trying to identify the people who contributed to this offense.

Some of the duo’s videos are circulating on social media. In one of the drone shots, you can still see a third person flying aerial vehicles, but not mentioned in the ICMBio statement. According to a source heard by ((o))eco, it’s just a mountaineer who, when faced with an “apocalyptic” scene, accidentally made a recording.

The fine for non-compliance with the rules established in environmental institutions ranges from 500 to 10,000 reais.

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