Ouro Preto City Hall

Ouro Preto City Hall

Ouro Preto Cuisine, Art and Culture Festival brings together the best of Ouro Preto gastronomy in one place.

Ouro Preto is not only a place for lovers of history or art, the city is also known for its cuisine. Full of bars and restaurants, it offers plenty of options for those looking for typical Minas Gerais dishes. The Ouro Preto Cuisine, Art and Culture Festival – Tribute to Chiquitão will take place from 13 to 15 May in the parking lot of the Convention Center and admission is free. Conducted by the Conference and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and Ouro Preto City Hall through the Departments of Culture and Tourism and Economic Development; sponsored by FAOP, UFOP, ABIH and the UFOP Arts and Conference Center. The festival will feature an extensive presentation of Minas Gerais cuisine, crafts, and bars and restaurants of the city’s traditional cuisine. There will be 25 tents with a variety of meals, snacks and the best dishes of Ouro Preto.

The event is also meant to pay tribute to the artist from Ouro Preto, Chiquitao, who died in April of this year. Chiquitao was an artist, book illustrator, stage designer, restorer and collector of antiques. He was well known in Ouro Preto, and his atelier next to the Mother Church of Nossa Señora do Pilar served as a reference point for antiques and local handicrafts.

Within the framework of the Festival, shows, exhibitions and children’s space will be presented. On Friday, May 13, at 20:00, the Team Rock + Léo Souza show will take place. The stalls and food stalls of Minas will also be open from 20:00.

On Saturday, May 14 at 14:00, Espaço Kids will take place, as well as a show by Amigo do Samba at 15:00 and Samba Preto at 20:00. From 14:00 to 20:00 there will also be a wine tasting from the Multi Show – UFOP Extension Project. Tribunes and tents will be open from 12:00 to midnight.

The event will conclude on Sunday, May 15 with a vintage car meeting at 8:00 am; Children’s space at 14:00; Aerodance – UFOP expansion project, at 15:00; viola fashion with Rafael Silva at 15:30; and a concert by Os Traias at 20:00. Tents and tents will also be open from 12 noon until midnight.

There will also be a central 360° bar on site where people can easily get their drinks. There will be kiosks with tables and chairs, each participating restaurant or bar will be responsible for its sector. A large building is being prepared to receive everyone, with chemical toilets, security and a stage organization. In addition, the Ouro Preto Department of Health will provide an ambulance for the event.

Margaret Monteiro, secretary of the Municipal Department of Culture and Tourism of Ouro Preto, commented on the importance of including festivals like this one in the calendar of major city events. “Given that Ouro Preto is an important city in the tourism scenario of Minas Gerais and Brazil, with several traditional events in the municipality and districts, the art and culture festival complements all these activities to promote cultural tourism, after a period of isolation from the pandemic,” said secretary.

Gastronomic events bring economic and social growth, create jobs, tourism and knowledge through the exchange of information, benefiting the entire population. The kitchen festival intends to become one of the major events for the development of cultural tourism in the city. Providing leisure and socio-cultural development for the population of Ouro Preto and of course many tastes! Take your family to enjoy the Ouro Preto Food, Art and Culture Festival!

Check the schedule:

Friday – 13.05

20:00 Rock band show + Leo Souza

Note: The stalls and food stalls of Minas Gerais will be open from 20:00.

Saturday – 14.05

14:00 Children’s area

15:00 Samba friends show

20 hour show with Samba Preto

14:00 to 20:00 Multishow Guided Wine Tasting – UFOP Extension Project

Note: The stalls and food stalls of Minas Gerais will be open from 12:00 to midnight.

Sunday – 15.05

8:00 retro car show

14:00 Children’s area

15:00 Aerodance – UFOP Expansion Project

15:30 Show with Rafael Silva

20:00 Tray’s show

Note: The stalls and food stalls of Minas Gerais will be open from 12:00 to midnight.

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