How to prepare cheese pizza

pizza cheesePizza cheese is one of the main ingredients that you cannot do without when making pizza, the most important of which is mozzarella cheese, which is bought in the markets, but it is expensive, so it can be easily prepared at home. using readily available and simple ingredients, and it can also be used … Read more

The fastest way to prepare pizza at home

pizza Pizza is one of the most famous and widespread confectionery in all regions of the world at present, and although it is a dish of Italian origin, it has moved from Italy to all countries of the world due to its ease and speed of preparation. cooking, great taste and the simplicity of its … Read more

The fastest way to prepare pizza

Chicken Alfredo Pizza Ingredients for a quarter teaspoon of black pepper. Two and a half tablespoons of butter. Minced clove of garlic. One and a half cups of heavy cream. Three tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese. Half a teaspoon of salt. A tablespoon of chopped parsley. Favorite pizza dough (enough for one dish). One cup … Read more

how pizza works like restaurants

Zaatarian pizzaIngredients: Four and a half cups of flour. A glass of yogurt. Three quarters of a glass of warm water. half a glass of olive oil. A quarter cup of thyme and olive oil. 1 tablespoon sumac and instant yeast Two teaspoons of salt. A teaspoon of dried green thyme and sugar. How to … Read more