Pairs of different profiles give advice on the places they like to visit and spend time in Campinas and the region.

Pairs of different profiles give advice on the places they like to visit and spend time in Campinas and the region.

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in climate Valentine’s Daycelebrated on June 12, invited five pairs of different profiles to give advice on excursions and cool programs that they love to do together in the city and region, not only on a date, but also in moments of relaxation and leisure, when they can enjoy together.

Of course, gastronomy prevailed, and very much! There are several restaurant options recommended by couples, after all, there is nothing better than eating next to the best company!

But there are also options for guided tours and very cool experiences like riding a motorbike around the Circuito das Águas Paulista and even learning how to make gin!

Check it out below and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Marcus and Vanessa

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Lovers of gourmet food and good wine, couple Marcus Antonio Zanetti Filho, 41, head of logistics and president of the Brazilian Sommelier Society (SBSomm Campinas), and his girlfriend Vanessa Godinho, point out several restaurants in the city. who like to visit.

One of them is Olivetto. According to Zenetti, this place has a great variety and excellent wine list, as well as international and more sophisticated cuisine, as well as a rustic, elegant and charming decor.

The couple also recommend Entre Taças, which is close to Olivetto, also in Cambui. The space is a wine bar that also has a wide selection of wines, some of which are imported, making a difference.

Another recommendation from Marcus and Vanessa is Osti, a gourmet restaurant with a superb creative chef who, according to Zanetti, is always coming up with new dishes. Osti offers options that are on the restaurant’s menu, as well as those on the board made by the chef, who changes dishes every 15-20 days. The difference is that it allows customers to take their own wines to open and enjoy, and they don’t charge for corks.

And finally, the Único restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, whose chef is Jurandir Meirelles, creator of innovative, exclusive and delicious dishes. Zanetti tells us that the chef loves to cook with truffles, which gives his cuisine a very northern Italian character. And it also makes a difference: in addition to allowing customers to make their own wines, you can also ask the chef to create a menu based on your wine, he will taste it and create a harmonious sequence of dishes that go perfectly with the drink. . Beautiful, no?

Olivetto: Av. Cage Silva Telles, 843, Cambui – Campinas. (19) 3294-8133
Between cups: R. Dr. Emiliou Ribas, 1151, Cambui – Campinas. (19) 3253-4568
Axles: Rua Heitor Leme de Paula, 111, Cambuí – Campinas (19) 99155-5598
The only restaurant: Rua Coronel Quirino, 1722, Cambui – Campinas (19) 3255-4828

Monica and Flavio

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Flavio Marcondes, 43, a lawyer, and his wife, Monica Godoy Marcondes, love motorcycles! They usually travel around the region on two wheels and give advice on cool tours for a relaxing weekend for two.

It is clear that the Circuito das Águas Paulista is an almost must-see tourist destination in the Campinas region, especially for those who love to ride a motorcycle. The route includes 9 cities: Jaguariuna, Jolambra, Pedreira, Monte Alegre do Sul, Amparo, Serra Negra, Socorro, Lindoya and Aguas de Lindoya.

Flavio tells us that this route is a great tour for those who like to discover new places and have a beautiful view of the mountains, and also passes through rural roads in the nature of the region. The couple enjoy traveling from Campinas, passing through Jaguariuna, Pedreira, Amparo, and ending with their destination in Serra Negra, where several groups of motorcyclists park their motorcycles and spend their weekends there. That is, it is also a great program for dating and making new friends.

Another small town with a rustic air that attracts a couple is Morungaba. According to Flavio, the Serra das Cabras region (between Joaquim Egidio and Morungaba) is very beautiful and wooded, and is also one of the most important forest reserves in the state of São Paulo, located 29 km from downtown Campinas.

The lawyer says this route is very popular with motorcyclists as it also has stunning scenery! “A few restaurants can be found around the city, but the indication is a very popular place among bikers: Ponto do Peixe, located 10.7 km from the city of Morungaba. This is a simple restaurant specializing in seafood and freshwater fish, but also offering meat dishes and servings,” says Flavio.

Carol and Marcia

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Businesswomen Carol Tafuri, 41, and Marcia Pillush, 42, love sports and outdoor activities. So much so that on June 12, Marcia will run a half marathon in Campinas, and Carol intends to go to cheer for her friend. “On this day, we know that some places are always crowded and there are queues, so we always avoid more traditional routes,” says Carol.

The two met through mutual friends. However, it was not until 2018 that they met again and had an affair.

Among the tours they like to do, they point out the Terrassos winery. The winery, located in Amparo, is a really great place for the “better half”. In addition to handmade wines and pastas, the place offers a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains, as it is located at the top of the Serra da Mantiqueira. Thus, one can visit this place and taste the wines, learn a little about viticulture, walk through the orchards and vineyards and even taste the delights of a picnic basket, with all the infrastructure.

Another tip from them is BEG, a distillery in Joaquim Egidio, which offers an introduction to gin production. On the spot, Carol and Marcia learned all the manufacturing processes and then got the chance to make their own gin. The space is located in the former headquarters of a coffee farm, and according to these two, it’s very nice!

Terrassos Winery – Amparo: Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (select your preferred date). Sales through the platform: follow the link of the attraction
BEG: Highway José Bonifacio Coutinho Nogueira, 13.5 km, Joaquim Egidiou – Campinas /

Thiago and Juliana

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For young couples who love a romantic date spot and great food, we have some restaurant tips from Thiago Schlodtmann Beato, 22, a PUC-Campinas journalism student, and his girlfriend Juliana Monaco Erbett.

One of them is L’Entrecôte de Paris, one of the places chosen by Thiago for Valentine’s Day. The peculiarity of the restaurant is that you can choose from one dish with juicy meat, crispy french fries and signature sauce.

Another indicator of the couple is the Famiglia Gianni restaurant, which specializes in Italian cuisine. According to them, the restaurant offers a varied menu with delicious recipes that combine bright colors and flavors with special touches. Thiago says he likes the restaurant for the food, the charming and welcoming atmosphere, and the fact that it is well located in Campinas.

Entrecôte de Paris – Parque D. Pedro Shopping Center. Average. Guilherme Campos, 500, Jardim Santa Geneva – Campinas. (19) 3209-2609
Gianni family. Rua Pedregulhos, 27, Chacara da Barra – Campinas. (19) 3294-2087

Marcia and Narcissus

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And we have more tips from the couple Marcia Aoki Garbellini, a real estate consultant, and her boyfriend, Narciso Garbellini Jr., a chemist who is very fond of traveling, walking and cycling, and then, this very good restaurant to enjoy together.

“An offer for couples who love sports, walking or cycling, this place is Joaquim Egidio,” Marcia says.

According to them, the Vila Paraíso restaurant in Joaquim Egidio has an incredible landscape, with a variety of dishes such as pasta, risotto, fish, seafood and others, in addition to other nightly entertainment such as jazz, paella and fondue.

The couple also highlights Bouquet Garni, a restaurant serving French and Brazilian seafood dishes. They note that this is a great place to have lunch after sports such as hiking or cycling. The house in Susa is decorated in a rustic style, has a playground and views of the lake.

Another gastronomic recommendation from the couple is Chef Theo, a French bistro that serves international cuisine mixed with Brazilian dishes and ingredients. “The restaurant has a cozy and very charming space. The chef is very creative in assembling his dishes, adding textures and flavors to the recipes,” they comment.

Vila Paraiso: Rua Dr. Heitor Penteado, 1716 by Joaquim Egidio – Campinas, (19) 3298-6913
Bouquet Garni: Rua Treze de Maio, 1650, Sousas, Campinas (19) 3258-5119
Chef Theo: Rua Dr. Sampaio Ferras, 175 years old, Cambui, Campinas. (19) 3255-4333

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